Acheulian Culture in Peninsular India : An Ecological Perspective

Raghunath S. Pappu, D.K. Printworld, 2001, 170 p, ISBN : 8124601682, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Acheulian Culture in Peninsular India : An Ecological Perspective/Raghunath S. Pappu

Contents: Foreword. I. Introduction: 1. Acheulian in the old world. 2. Acheulian in India. 3. Aims of the project. 4. Research methodology. 4. Brief history of Palaeolithic research. II. Acheulian culture in Peninsular India: 1. Introduction. 2. Excavated sites. 3. Other important sites. III. Salient features: 1. Introduction. 2. Distribution. 3. Habitats. 4. Tool types. 5. Technology. 6. Nature of assemblages. 7. Functions of tools. 8. Raw materials. 9. Quaternary deposits. 10. Mammalian fossils. 11. Hominid remains. 12. Subsistence pattern. 13. Palaeoenvironment. 14. Settlement pattern. 15. Site formation processes. 16. Site catchment analysis. 17. Genesis. 18. Chronology. 19. Comparison and correlation. IV. Acheulian cultural system. Appendices. Bibliography. Index.

"The Indian sub-continent, particularly the Peninsular India, is recognised as one of the richest areas of Acheulian occupation in the Old World. This research work is a detailed study of the Acheulian Culture system in India—signifying the earliest cultural occupation here.

The book examines the cultural material of the Acheulian phase in its ecological setting to throw light on the distribution pattern, nature of habitats, Quaternary deposits, mammalian and hominid remains, land use and subsistence, site formation process, genesis and chronology of the Acheulian cultural system. Incorporating his own field observations over the last three decades and more as well as integrating and synthesising the available data and evidence on Acheulian culture, Dr. R.S. Pappu presents a comprehensive understanding of the Acheulian system and, in general, behavioural patterns of early hunting and food gathering communities. He also provides an account of the progress of Palaeolithic research in India since the first discovery of Palaeolithic settlement by Foote in 1863, tracing the major projects and contributions of noted Indian geo-archaeologists." (jacket)

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