Adult Education : Concept Theory and Practice

Rajender Singh Yadav, Associated, 2002, 320 p, tables, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Adult Education : Concept Theory and Practice/Rajender Singh Yadav

Contents: 1. Concept need and scope of adult education. 2. Aims and objectives, and components of adult education. 3. National policy on education – 1986 and adult education. 4. Continuing education. 5. Centre based method and campaign approach in adult education. 6. Methods in adult education. 7. Agencies of adult education. 8. Role of universities in adult education. 9. Role of mass media in adult education. 10. Evaluation in adult education. 11. Literacy campaigns of different countries. References. Appendices.

"Adult Education - Concept, Theory and Practice is the book covering eleven topics on various important aspects of adult education. An attempt has been made to present the subject matter in a familiar way so that the readers have an easy grasp of the concept and theory of adult education in right perspective which is essential for effective practice in the field.

In addition to conceptual and theoretical descriptions of adult education, various programmes and practices of adult education such as continuing education, National Policy on Education – 1986 and Adult Education, National Literacy Mission, Jana Shikshan Nilayams, Literacy campaigns of different countries and evaluation of literacy campaigns in India are also discussed in this book. Agencies of adult education, role of universities and mass media in adult education also find a prominent place in this volume. The book is useful reading for the post graduate students, researchers and field functionaries associated with adult education programmes.

In view of meagre literature available in the field of adult education, the book will be a significant contribution to the existing knowledge, particularly in Indian contest." (jacket)

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