Wailing Beauty : The Perishing Art of Nawabi Lucknow

Saiyed Anwer Abbas, Saiyed Anwer Abbas, 2002, 128 p, ISBN : 8175252715, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Wailing Beauty : The Perishing Art of Nawabi Lucknow/Saiyed Anwer Abbas

Contents: Prologue. Art-Bearing structures of Nawabi period in Lucknow: 1. Imambara Mughal Saheba. 2. Imabara Kaiwan Jah. 3. Begum Kothi. 4. Imambara Sharaf-un-Nissan. 5. Karbala Saeed-ud-Daulah. 6. Karbala Dayanat-ud-Daulah. 7. Imambara Zain-ul-Abidin Khan. 8. Sikander Bagh. 9. Maqbara Janab-e-Alia. 10. Badshah Bagh. 11. Masjid Etamad-ud-Daulah. 12. Masjid Bi Misri. 13. Abbas Bagh/Karbala Rafiq-ud-Daulah. 14. Bagh Baba Hazara. 15. Karbala Amin-ud-Daulah Imdad Hussain Khan. 16. Musa Bagh. 17. Tikait Rai’s Pul, Mandir and Masjid. 18. Maqbara Kaptan Fateh Ali Khan. 19. Qaiser Bagh gateways. 20. Karbala Naseer-ud-Din Haider. 21. Askariyain/Karbala Malka Afaq. 22. Daulatkhana-e-Asafi. Few other art bearing structures: 1. Moti Masjid. 2. Masjid Jafri Begum. 3. Masjid Tikait Rai (Haidergunj). 4. Naya Mahal. 5. Nanak Shahi Mandir. 6. Ram Mandir (Saadatgunj). 7. Shahi Masjid. Epilogue: Dr. O.P. Agrawal. Glossary. Bibliography.

"During the course of his research for writing articles and features the author identified a rich quality of decorative art present in many lesser known religious and secular buildings of the Nawabi period (1775-1856) in Lucknow. These structures are elaborately embellished with stucco and painted art work, mirror mosaic, glass paintings and exquisite calligraphy which is rare, and this is illustrated in this book with 123 coloured pictures (37 full page illustrations). The text provides information on the location, architectural and archaeological status and the speciality of the art work and structures, along with their historical reference." (jacket)

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