A Handbook of Muslim Belief

Ahmad A. Galwash, Goodword, 2001, 262 p, ISBN : 8187570466, $11.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Handbook of Muslim Belief/Ahmad A. GalwashContents: I. Practical devotions: 1. Prayers to God. 2. Zakat or legal Alms. 3. Fasting. 4. Pilgrimage. II. Transactions: 5. Marriage. 6. Law of inheritance. 7. Sale and Usury. 8. Ownership. III. Penal laws: 9. Criminal intentional injury. 10. Adultery. 11. Theft and robbery. 12. Divisions of punishment. 13. Discretionary correction or Ta’zir. 14. Sinful acts classification. IV. Morality: 15. Muslim ethical basis of social life. 16. Muslim ethics and morality. 17. The moral conditions. 18. True believers. V. Muslim jurisprudence and theology: 19. The Quran and jurisprudence. 20. Quran—the first source of jurisprudence. 21. The tradition. 22. Transmission of the Hadith in the prophet’s lifetime. 23. The earliest preservation of traditions. 24. The Quran is the greatest test for judging Hadith. 25. The style of composition employed in the imparting of traditions. 26. Degrees of authenticity of the narrators. 27. Rules for distinguishing false traditions. 28. Ijma’—the third foundation of Islamic laws. 29. Degrees of Ijtihad. 30. Payment of the tribute called "Jizia". VI. Spiritual aspect of Islam: 1. The treasures of happiness. References.
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