New Dimensions of Extension Education

Edited by S. Venkataiah, Anmol, 2001, Encyclopaedia of Education for 21 Century Series, viii, 257 p, ISBN : 8126108029, $39.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

New Dimensions of Extension Education/edited by S. Venkataiah

Contents : Preface. 1. Extension education. 2. Extension teaching methods. 3. Agricultural extension. 4. Extension motivation. 5. Extension programme planning. Index.

"Extension education is education for rural people outside the regularly organised schools and class-rooms for bringing out social and cultural development. Extension means to extend, to spread or to disseminate useful information and ideas to rural people.

"The aim of extension education must be very specific in order to able to bring about any or all these desirable changes in human behaviour. Effective learning results from a plan, not from trial and error. Every extension worker is essentially a teacher, so he needs to know what makes both teaching and learning effective.

"This book brings together highly rich information on a number of vital issues, prominent among these are: Extension education; Extension teaching methods; Agricultual extension; Extension motivation; and Extension programme planning etc." (jacket)

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