A Stroll in Jainism (Upadhyaya Amar Muni Commemoration Volume)

Edited by Ram Mohan Das and Neeraj Kumar, Kaveri Books, 2002, xviii, 210 p, ISBN : 8174790489, $22.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Stroll in Jainism (Upadhyaya Amar Muni Commemoration Volume)/edited by Ram Mohan Das

Contents: Preface. 1. Jainism : an overview/Upadhyaya Amar Muni. 2. Anekantavada/Upadhyaya Amar Muni. 3. Ideal food/Upadhyaya Amar Muni. 4. Service to humanity/Upadhyaya Amar Muni. 5. Acharya Mahaprajna : a living legend/Muni Prashant Kumar and Muni Lokaprakash ‘Lokesh’. 6. The Jain declaration on nature/L.M. Singhvi. 7. Banking and currency in ancient India/D.C. Jain. 8. Pilgrimage : a psychological perspective/K.P. Krishna. 9. Jainism in Magadh region/M.K. Sharan. 10. Mahaveer’s path of Sadhana/V.R. Agrawal. 11. Concept of Gunasthanas, action, liberation, soul and matter in Jainism/P.C. Jain. 12. Mahayogi Mahaveer : his contribution to Jainism/P.C. Jain. 13. Somadeva Suri and his contribution to Jain philosophy and literature/P. Chenna Reddy. 14. The eternal message of Jain wisdom/D.C. Jain. 15. Sravanabelagola : a world-famous Jain Shrine/C.M. Agrawal. 16. Jainism and the problem of identity/M.P. Chaurasia. 17. Mahaveera : an Inborn Sadhaka/Neeraj Kumar. 18. Organization of the narrative in Akhyanakamanikosa/Vimala Bafana. 19. Jain Vishva Bharati Institute. Index.

"The present volume A Stroll in Jainism is a co-operative academic venture, containing outstanding research papers of eminent scholars from different disciplines. It is expected to carry great message of Lord Mahaveer globally and make an abiding contribution to the spread of the ideas and philosophy of Jainism in non-Hindi speaking areas world over. This volume also brings to light new and valuable aspects of Jain literature lying hidden from the searching eyes of scholars and researchers. " (jacket)

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