Jarawa Contact : Ours with Them, Theirs with Us

Edited by K. Mukhopadhyay , R.K. Bhattacharya and B.N. Sarkar, ASI, 2002, xiv, 235 p, ISBN : 8185579644, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Jarawa Contact : Ours with Them, Theirs with Us/edited by K. Mukhopadhyay , R.K. Bhattacharya and B.N. Sarkar

Contents: Key note address: Jarawa contact – ours with them / theirs with us/R.K. Bhattacharya. Contacts and conflicts: 1. Befriending the Jarawas : some personal experiences/Bhaktawar Singh. 2. The Jarawas: contact and conflict/Ujjwal Mishra. 3. No more hostility : a critical phase in the Jarawa society/Jayanta Sarkar. 4. A brief history of relationship between the Jarawas and others/K. Mukhopadhyay. 5. The Jarawas and their neighbours : the post-independence scenario/Sumitabha Chakraborty and Amitava Dinda. Environmental and ecological issues: 1. The Jarawas and their habitat : a man-nature relationship/Umesh Kumar and Samir Biswas. 2. Territory and landscape around the Jarawa Reserve/Manish Chandi. 3. Impact assessment around the Jarawa Reserve, middle and South Andaman Islands/Harry V. Andrews. 4. Jarawa biosphere reserve : management solution for protection of the Jarawas/T.C. Nautiyal. Linguistic issue:1. Structure of the Jarawa language/V.R. Rajasingh. Health, nutrition and demographic issues: 1. A demographic and health profile of the Jarawas of Andaman Islands/B.N. Sarkar and R. Sahani. 2. Medical coverage provided to the Jarawas: a note on the basis of personal experiences/R.C. Kar. 3. Health problems and health care of the Jarawas in the transition phase/Elizabeth Mathews. Welfare and some related issues: 1. Welfare of the Jarawas : steps taken/Som Naidu. 2. Andaman trunk road and the Jarawa situation/Samir Acharya. 3. Welfare of the Jarawas and some post – colonial thoughts/K. Mukhopadhyay. Ethnographic notes: 1. Some ethnographic notes on the Jarawas/K.M. Sinha Roy. Maps. References. Annexure: 1. Some observation on the present condition of the Jarawas and on programme for their welfare. 2. Some major incidents of conflict : 1946 to 1998. Subject index.

"The Jarawas, a Negrito group of people of the Andaman Islands, are perhaps one of the last surviving classical example of hunter gatherers of the world, the other being the Sentinelese of North Sentinel Island of the Andamans. The Jarawas has recently come in direct contract with the non-Jarawa population of diverse culture and are in constant threat of losing their age old hunting and gathering activities along with their culture. The present book contains seventeen articles examining the beginning of this transitional phase of the Jarawas against the backdrop of their ‘ancient’ culture. This, indeed, is a critical phase. The contributors from different fields of social sciences and also from other disciplines, having first-hand knowledge of work with the Jarawas, have discussed the multiple issues in their articles. This will be of immense interest and add to the very limited knowledge about these people.

This volume has taken up the most vital and important issues relating to the survival of a group of Negrito foragers, whose counterparts in other parts of the world, by and large, are either on the verge of extinction or are already extinct."

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