The Poetry of A.K. Ramanujan

Edited by M.K. Bhatnagar, Atlantic, 2011, viii, 168 p, ISBN : 8126901632, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

The Poetry of A.K. Ramanujan/edited by M.K. Bhatnagar

Contents: Preface. 1. Search for self and idiom in A.K. Ramanujan: some critical aspects/M.K. Bhatnagar. 2. A.K. Ramanujan: a poet par-excellence/Ramesh Kumar Gupta. 3. The poetic cosmos of A.K. Ramanujan/Gajendra Kumar. 4. Social concern in Ramanujan’s poetry: a note/M. Rajagopalachary and S. Ravinder. 5. Things as they are: the poetry of A.K. Ramanujan/Niranjan Mohanty. 6. The points of return: poetry of A.K. Ramanujan/Niranjan Mohanty. 7. Roots that roam: relationships in Ramanujan’s poetry/Premila Paul. 8. Image of family in the poetry of A.K. Ramanujan/Chittaranjan Misra. 9. Theme and form in Ramanujan’s poetry/A.N. Dwivedi. 10. Ramanujan’s credo/D. Ramakrishna. 11. Kinship with nature in Ramanujan’s poetry/M. Rajagopalachary and S. Ravinder. 12. Poetic sensibility and translative creativity of A.K. Ramanujan/S. Armstrong. 13. A post-colonial reading of A.K. Ramanujan’s poetry/Bijay Kumar Das. 14. The craftsmanship of A.K. Ramanujan/K.V. Surendran.

"A.K. Ramanujan represents the quintessential Indian English poet engaged in a relentless quest for self in the welter of tradition and contemporary reality as well as that for a well-adapted poetic idiom. His poetry refracts the essential Indian sensibility fused artistically with the temper of modernity. Ramanujan emerges out of his artistic predicament to a state of creative freedom by means of cultivating a uniquely personal idiom. It is within this thematic and linguistic framework that Ramanujan’s poetry projects a self assuming number of identities in time, rendering the quality of transparence.

Applying closely textual, formal, socio-cultural, philosophic, imagistic and post-colonial approaches of literary appreciation and analysis, the essays in the present anthology take a fresh look at Ramanujan’s poetry, revealing aspects of study hitherto unexplored, offer critically incisive and insightful probes into different collections of poems and examine in depth the deployment of images, symbols and other poetic and rhetorical devices.

An indispensable source-book for students, researchers and teachers of Indian English and commonwealth literature in general and poetry and A.K. Ramanujan in particular." (jacket)

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