Ethnic Groups, Cultural Continuities and Social Change in North East India

Edited by Indira Barua, Sarthak Sengupta and Deepanjana Dutta Das, Mittal, 2002, xxix, 379 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 8170998514, $39.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Ethnic Groups, Cultural Continuities and Social Change in North East India/edited by Indira Barua, Sarthak Sengupta and Deepanjana Dutta Das

Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. On problems of ethnicity/Ajit K. Danda. 2. Ethnic aspirations in Assam--some observations/B.M. Das. 3. Ethnic consciousness and cultural revivalism--some observations/Indira Barua. 4. Ethnicity and inter-ethnic relations in Assam--the Koch-Rajbongshi case/Kalyan Barua. 5. Migration into Assam--the past history, the present realities and future implications/S.N. Ratha. 6. Ethnicity among the small tribal groups of Manipur: an anthropological analysis/R.K. Ranjit Singh. 7. Marginalised in our own homeland--Bichom movement in Arunachal Pradesh/Sarit Kumar Choudhuri. 8. Tantric cults, the Lingayats and ethnogenesis in North Eastern India/Prem Saran. 9. Ethnic profile of the Himalayas--some observations/Sekh Rahim Mondal. 10. Acculturation, assimilation and retribalism relating to the ethnic groups of Assam/G.C. Sharma Thakur. 11. Tradition vis-a-vis acculturation--a case study among the Garos of Adingiri village of Guwahati/Anamika Gogoi.12. Lithic cultures and ethnography of the Selbal Valley, Garo Hills, Meghalaya/H.C. Mahanta. 13. Rural reconstruction and human development through the integrated and rural development programmes--a case study in Tirap District of Arunachal Pradesh/Bikash Banerjee. 14. A note on the development of tribal women in the Rani development Block area, Kamrup District, Assam/Debajit Baruah and A.N.M. Irshad Ali. 15. Child care practices and development –a case study among the mishings of Dibrugarh/Promanita Bora. 16. Some aspects of child care practices among the Hmass of Rengkai Village of Manipur/Sadhan Sengupta. 17. Alternative pattern of subsistence and resultant socio-legal and ecological problem faced by ethnic group--a study in two areas of Assam with special reference to role of women/Upala Barua. 18. Position of women –a peep into the Nepali society in Assam/Chitralekha Baruah. 19. Status of women among the Tanis of Arunachal Pradesh/D.K. Duarah. 20. Some aspects of mother and child health among the Boro-Kacharis of Gorchuk area, Guwahati, Assam/Rekha Das and Jyotirupa Sarma. 21. Nutritional status of the Kaibartas of Assam/R. Khongsdier. 22. Low birth weight and its biosocial factors--a study among the Garos of Meghalaya/B. Mondal. 23. A study on certain biosocial factors affecting birth weight in two Mongoloid population of Assam/Minakshi Barua. 24. Growth pattern in early childhood among the Kaibartas of Dibrugarh, Assam/M.N. Dutta and F.A. Das. 25. Bio-demographic study of the Mukloms of Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh/N.C. Sarkar. 26. Effects of some socio-cultural factors on fertility and mortality among the Mundas of Assam--a preliminary appraisal/Arundhati Phukan Gogoi. 27. Morbidity vis-à-vis mortality among the mishings--a case study/Yash Kr. Singh. 28. Effects of some socio-cultural factors of crimes--a preliminary report/Deepanjana D. Das and Bobby Dutta. 29. Education among the tea labourers in Upper Assam--some field data/Molly Joseph. 30. A note on ABO and Rh(D) blood groups distribution among the Tangkhuls of Manipur, India/T.S. Singh and Themreichan Kapaiwo. Index.

"The present compiled work is based upon the research papers presented in the national seminar on ‘Ethnic Groups of North East India : Problems and Prospects’ organised by the department of anthropology, Dibrugarh University, Assam. The book covers a wide spectrum of issues, relating to ethnic groups, process of assimilation, acculturation and the development of ethnic consciousness among various tribes and communities of North East India. Renowned anthropologists and social scientists seek to make an objective analysis of the probable forces responsible for recent identity consciousness on the basis of first hand information from diverse ethnic groups. The academicians, policy makers and planners may find interest in the book and it may meet partially the long felt need of the researches on this line." (jacket)

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