Development of Ladakh Himalayas : Recent Researches

Edited by Prem Singh Jina, Kalpaz, 2002, 307 p, figs, tables, ISBN : 8178350955, $44.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Development of Ladakh Himalayas : Recent Researches/edited by Prem Singh Jina

Contents: Preface. Introduction. I. Culture, language and religion: 1. Linguistic approach to cultural analysis of Ladakh Himalayas/D.D. Sharma. 2. A look at Bhoto society in Ladakh/Prem Singh Jina. 3. Bhoti in Himalayan culture: a case study of Ladakh/Lohzang Tsewang. 4. Bhoti and Arabic influence upon Dok culture of Ladakh/Prem Singh Jina. 5. The SA-sKYA-PA order and Ladakh/C.D. Sebastian. 6. Preservation and promotion of cultural heritage of Himalayan region: a special reference to Ladakh Himalayas/Lobzang Tswang. 7. Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh/Jamyang Gyaltsan and Prem Singh Jina. 8. Hemis Tsechu of Ladakh/Jamyang Gyaltsan (tr. Prem Singh Jina). 9. Chortens of Ladakh/Tsering Sonam (tr. Prem Singh Jina). 10. Famous mGon-Pa dKar-brgyad in Nubra valley of Ladakh/Prem Singh Jina. 11. Monasteries of Ladakh—a case study of Tashi Ga-tsal monastery of Choglamsar/Prem Singh Jina. 12. Paintings in Phyang monastery of Ladakh/Prem Singh Jina. 13. Buddhist art in Ladakh: a case study of Sumda valley/Prem Singh Jina and Tsering Tundup Gojing Pa. II. Tourism: 14. Meer Izztoollah’s visit to Ladakh during 1812-13/S.C. Saxena. 15. Sindhu Abhyaan (Sindhu Darshan)/Prem Singh Jina. 16. Tourism and changing environment of Ladakh/Prem Singh Jina. III. Wild life: 17. The wild life of Ladakh/Abdul Ghani Sheikh. 18. The ecology of wild life of Ladakh/Prem Singh Jina. IV. History and tradition: 19. Dok-Pa: an Aryan race of Ladakh/Jamyang Gyaltsan and Prem Singh Jina. 20. Dards of Ladakh and its adjoining areas/Prem Singh Jina. 21. Lifestyle of Chang Pas of Chang-Thang in Leh district/Prem Singh Jina. 22. Historical background of Ayou Kalon of Ladakh/Tsering Sonam and Prem Singh Jina. 23. Ladakh: a part of Kushana Kingdom/B.K. Dembi. 24. Grazing fee and Begari system in Ladakh/Prem Singh Jina. 25. Ancient trade route via Balu-mkhav to Central Asia/Prem Singh Jina. 26. Some rock, stone and wooden sculptures of Ladakh/Prem Singh Jina and and Manju Jina. 27. Ladakh: before and during the Indo-Pak War (1947)/Prem Singh Jina and Konchok Namgyal. V. Medicine: 28. Origin and growth of Ladakhi Medicine (Amchi) system/Prem Singh Jina and Thinles Yangzor. VI. Personality: 29. Morup Namgial: a famous Ladakhi artist/Prem Singh Jina. 30. Rinpoches of Ladakh/Prem Singh Jina. 31. Lamas of Ladakh/Prem Singh Jina. 32. Ge-Sar epic of Ladakh/Prem Singh Jina. VII. Physical fitness: 33. Physical fitness norms for high school students of Ladakh/Sonam Angchok. Bibliography. Index.

"Ladakh is one of the highest land in the world. The altitudes of the major inhabited areas in the region vary from 8,787 ft. in Kargil district to around 20,000 ft. in some places in Chang-Thang sub-division of Leh district. High altitude climate is notorious for its extremes. The raging duststorms on summer afternoons, seldom cloudy an unexpected snowfall are the uniqueness of this region.

Ladakh, though, difficult part for the researches yet there is urgent need to have more pragmatic, problem oriented and field based research. The foregoing analysis gives a very dismal look for the coming years unless a new environmental ethic is involved wherein the nature of research, appraisal of the resources and the characteristic socio-economic aspects and the development measures will have to be reoriented so that these provide the basic outline for working out concrete strategies for dealing with the problems in the most appropriate manner." (jacket)

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