Amidst Turbulence and Hope : Transition in Russia and Eastern Europe

Edited by Shashikant Jha and Bhaswati Sarkar, Lancers Books, 2002, x, 386 p, tables, ISBN : 8170950910, $37.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Amidst Turbulence and Hope : Transition in Russia and Eastern Europe/edited by Shashikant Jha and Bhaswati Sarkar

Contents: 1. Editors’ introduction. I. Democracy, ethnicity and nation-building: 2. Ethno-nationalism and decline of sovereignty/O.N. Mehrotra. 3. Variations of Russian nationalism/Anuradha M. Chenoy. 4. Democracy and nation building : challenges for Eastern Europe in the twenty first century/Vijay Kapur. 5. Aspects of democratic transformation in East-Central Europe/Shashikant Jha. 6. Russia’s superpresidentialism : need of the time or threat to democracy?/Sanjay Kumar Pandey. 7. East European democracy—an adequate response to minority questions?/Bhaswati Sarkar. II. Problems of economic reform and privatisation: 8. Macroeconomic policies and performance in Central and Eastern Europe: 1990-2000/Gulshan Sachdeva. 9. Economic reforms and the state of the environment in Russia/Tahir Asghar. 10. Russia’s banking sector : challenges of reforms/R.G. Gidadhubli. 11. The economics of corruption in transitional Russia/Rama Sampath Kumar. 12. Eastward enlargement of the European union: East European perceptions and perspectives/Rajendra K. Jain. III. Security challenges and responses: 13. Russia’s foreign policy and the ‘Strategic partnership’ moves since 1991: implications for India/Mohd. Moazzam Ali. 14. Russian security concerns and NATO/Nirmala Joshi. 15. The Russian perspectives on the organization for security and cooperation in Europe and Baltic republics/Jyotsna Bakshi. 16. US approach to Eastern Europe/Chintamani Mahapatra. 17. International mediation : the Yugoslav experience/Amitabh Singh. IV. Gender and other issues: 18. Women and gender issues in Russia/Ajay Patnaik. 19. Russia : the demographic danger/P.L. Dash. 20. Impact of economic reforms on the labour market for women in Poland/Nivedita Das Kundu. Index.

"Containing nineteen articles by well known Indian scholars and specialists, this volume examines the economic, political, social and international issues in transition in Russia and Eastern Europe that has been turbulent yet showing potentials of success.

This volume is organised along four broad themes—democracy, ethnicity and nation-building; problems of economic reform and privatisation; the security challenges and responses; and gender and other issues.

The study addresses a wide range of issues, viz., ethno-nationalism and their impact on sovereignty of states, democracy and nation-building, protection of minority rights; macro-economic policies and performance in Russia and Eastern Europe, economic reforms and environment in Russia, banking reform in Russia and the economics of corruption in Russia.

The volume also includes analysis of such important issues of transition as perceptions and perspectives related to the eastward enlargement of NATO and EU, Russia’s strategic partnership moves and India, Russia, OSCE and Baltic states, US approach to Eastern Europe and international mediation in the Yugoslav crisis.

The volume also includes important contributions on women and gender issues in Russia, the increasing demographic danger in Russia and impact of economic reforms on women labour market in Poland.

The book will be of particular interest to students of political science, international relations, Russian and East European area studies and contemporary Europe." (jacket)


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