Encyclopaedia of AIDS (7 Vols-Set)

Edited by G.C. Satpathy, Kalpaz, 2003, 2357 p, 7 Vols, tables, ISBN : 8178351129, $193.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Encyclopaedia of AIDS/edited by G.C. Satpathy

Contents: Vol. I: Preface. Introduction. I. Origin and causes: 1. Origin of AIDS. 2. The HIV, the infection and the AIDS. II. Spread of AIDS: 3. Modes of HIV transmission. 4. AIDS: a global epidemic. III. Effects of AIDS: 5. The effects of AIDS. 6. AIDS: the blame game. IV. AIDS: awareness and prevention: 7. Spreading awareness about AIDS. 8. Caring for the victims. 9. Fighting AIDS. 10. AIDS prevention among drug injectors. 11. Promoting safer sex. V. The challenges: 12. Health care practitioners: rights, duties and liabilities. 13. HIV and insurance. 14. Role of NGOs. VI. AIDS, women and human rights: 15. AIDS, women and human rights. VII. AIDS and ethics: 16. AIDS and ethics. 17. HIV screening: the ethical issues. Index.

Vol. II: Preface. Introduction. 1. Sri Lanka : mechanisms for consultation. 2. Economic fallout of AIDS in South-East Asia. 3. Legal aspects of AIDS in Mongolia. 4. Prejudices against the HIV/AIDS infected patients in Hong Kong. 5. The impact of AIDS on the economy of Malaysia. 6. Legislation on AIDS in Myanmar. 7. Law reforms on HIV/AIDS in Maldives. 8. Reasons behind rapid spread of HIV/AIDS in Southeast Asia. 9. Laws on HIV/AIDS in Pakistan. 10. The Asian experience. 11. HIV/AIDS in Caribbean and Latin America. 12. HIV/AIDS in Pacific and the East Asia. 13. HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan African area. 14. HIV laws in Europe. 15. Economic impacts of the HIV/AIDS on overseas contract workers in Philippines. 16. HIV/AIDS in North Africa, the horn of Africa and the eastern Mediterranean area. 17. Review/reform of HIV/AIDS law in Malaysia. 18. Threat of AIDS and its prevention in Singapore. 19. Control of AIDS in Vietnam. 20. AIDS in Indonesia. 21. AIDS in Cambodia. 22. Ethical legal aspects of HIV/AIDS in Thailand. 23. The economic fallout of AIDS on Korean republic. 24. AIDS prevention act : its status in Korea. 25. Economic consequences of AIDS on transport sector of Thailand. 26. Economic fallout of AIDS in Thailand. 27. HIV/AIDS laws in China. 28. Research studies from Uganda. 29. AIDS prevention: a case study of Senegal. 30. Law in Papua New Guinea on HIV/AIDS. 31. Ethical and legal HIV/AIDS in Indonesia. 32. The existing situation of HIV/AIDS in New Zealand. 33. HIV/AIDS in the South-East region—at a glance. Index.

Vol. III: Preface. Introduction. 1. HIV/AIDS: global scenario. 2. Significant issues, outputs and future challenges. 3. Crisis, vaccine development, new diagnostics and strategies for hope. 4. Expanding the horizon. 5. Indian response and United Nations. 6. Persons Living With AIDS/HIV (PLWAs): a case study in Mumbai and Bangalore. 7. Governing legislations. 8. AIDS control : Indian perspective. 9. Women and AIDS. 10. AIDS: Delhi at forefront. 11. Sonagachi project : Kolkata. Index.

Vol. IV: Preface. Introduction. 1. Home and community care for people with HIV/AIDS: Afro-Asian and Latin American perspectives. 2. Enhancement of participation of people living with HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. 3. AIDS and traditional medicine in sub-Saharan Africa. 4. AIDS Information Centre (AIC): Uganda. 5. Children affected by HIV/AIDS (Zimbabwe and the United Republic of Tanzania). 6. Girls’ vulnerability to HIV/AIDS: the Thai perspective. 7. Thailand’s 100 per cent condom programme. 8. HIV prevention: innovative approaches. 9. AIDS prevention: human rights approach. 10. Necessity of a regional code. Index.

Vol. V: Preface. Introduction. 1. Development of Regional AIDS Training Network (RATN). 2. Technical resource networks. 3. Social marketing of condoms. 4. Dimensions of expanded response to HIV/AIDS. 5. UNAIDS. 6. UNAIDS best practice criteria: projects reviewed. 7. Prevention strategies for HIV. 8. Cost analysis: fundamentals and choices. 9. Planning the costing analysis. 10. Collection and analysis of cost data. 11. Greater Involvement of People living with or Affected by HIV/AIDS (GIPA). 12. Implementing PRSPs under HIPC initiative. 13. The essential aspects of HIV/AIDS documents. 14. Getting business support for HIV/AIDS control programmes. 15. Health rights of migrants. Index.

Vol. VI: Preface. Introduction. 1. Innovative approaches to HIV prevention. 2. The genesis of UNAIDS. 3. AIDS and HIV infection. 4. Framework of communication for HIV/AIDS. 5. Sexual behavioural change for HIV. 6. HIV surveillance. 7. Prevention of mother-to-child. 8. Female sex worker HIV prevention projects. 9. AIDS and the military. 10. Prisons and AIDS. 11. Brothel and street-based sex workers in Bangladesh. 12. Red light area in Kolkata. 13. Health communication for HIV/AIDS. 14. Toward a new communications framework for HIV/AIDS. Index.

Vol. VII: Preface. Introduction. 1. HIV voluntary counselling and testing: evaluating tools. 2. Voluntary counselling and testing: its impact. 3. HIV preventive vaccine research: ethical considerations. 4. Carers for people with HIV/AIDS: stress management. 5. Opening up the epidemic. 6. Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT). 7. Migrants’ right to health. Index.

"There is no controversy, whatsoever, over the enormity of problems in relation to HIV and AIDS on the social, clinical, public health and on the economic frontiers. Globally, since the first AIDS case was detected in USA in 1981, the HIV/AIDS epidemic continues its expansion across the globe with approx. 16000 new infections a day. The most rapidly spreading virulent virus infection and its related syndromes are yet the most misunderstood issues in science.

With numerous research material, documents surveillance and study reports from all over the world, a compilation of the facts and figures in the form of an encyclopaedia is need of the time.

Readers may send their opinions, comments, and to the editor on the subject for incorporating in the future editions. Their contribution will be duly acknowledged by me." (jacket)

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