Advances in Plant Physiology : Vol. 5

Edited by A. Hemantaranjan, Scientific, 2003, Plant Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology, xiv, 547 p, figs, tables, ISBN : 8172333285, $90.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Advances in Plant Physiology : Vol. 5/edited by A. Hemantaranjan

Contents: Preface. I. Plant mineral nutrition – physiological and molecular mechanism: 1. Soil acidity and alkalinity : two main constraints influencing the behaviour of plants—a review of current knowledge/H. Zaid, A. Hemantaranjan, R. Layachi and A. Alem. 2. Recent advances in the physiological and molecular mechanism of Al toxicity and tolerance in higher plants/H. Matsumoto, Y. Yamamoto and B. Ezaki. 3. Excess manganese in plants/Sheela Agarwal. II. Plant metabolism: 4. The glyoxylate cycle as an essential step in carbon reallocation mechanisms/Pierre Vauclare, Joaquim Cots, Katia Gindro and Francois Widmer. III. Imaging techniques in plant physiology: 5. Imaging techniques in plant physiology and agronomy: from simple to multispectral approaches/L. Chaerle, R. Valcke, and D. Van Der Straeten. IV. Environmental stresses: 6. UV-B radiation and the biochemical and ultrastructural responses of plants/Isabel Santos. 7. Leaf photosynthesis in Mediterranean vegetation/J. Flexas, J. Gulias and H. Medrano. 8. Drought as a multidimensional stress affecting photosynthesis in tropical tree crops/Fabio M. DaMatta. 9. Regulation of plant responses to drought: function of plant hormones and antioxidants/Leonor Alegre Batlle and Sergi Munne-Bosch. 10. Screening plants for environmental fitness: chlorophyll fluorescence as a "holy grail" for plant breeders/Sergey Shabala. 11. Morphophysiological and demographic responses of perennial grasses to defoliation under water stress/C.A. Busso, R.E. Brevedan, A.C. Flemmer and A.I. Bolletta. 12. Environmental stresses and their impact on nitrogen assimilation in higher plants/Kavita Shah and R.S. Dubey. V. Crop physiology: 13. Sugarcane yield plateaus and potential for yield increases under tropical and subtropical conditions of India/R. Snehi Dwivedi. VI. Recent advances in nitrogen metabolism: 14. Ammonium and nitrate as a nitrogen source for plants/Surya Kant and Uzi Kafkafi. VII. Physiological pathology and sustainable agriculture: 15. Immunization of plants against pathogen: mechanisms and methods/Neha Verma and R.S. Upadhyay. VIII. Plant growth regulator: 16. Plant growth regulating properties of penicillins - a review/R.P. Raghava, N. Raghava, S.P. Singh and S.K. Gupta. Index.

"The treatise on Plant Physiology and Plant Molecular Biology, as Volume 5, Advances in Plant Physiology, reinforces to put into practice the outcome of conscientious research in some of the very practical and electrifying areas of plant physiology – biochemistry-plant molecular physiology/biology for scientific future planning to really make direct move towards consequential research for making feasible the qualitative and quantitative productivity of all beneficial crops in the twenty-first century. This is indeed for the reason of expected twofold increase in the human populace by the year 2025. Besides these, the book also inspires us to be conscious enough upon the two lines of investigation, practical and fundamental, which must always go hand in hand. There can never be a logical parting of these two aspects of our science. Correspondingly, there can never be a rational separation of the pure physiologists from the practical physiologists. Our tasks are one and we must learn to march together in our performance! This volume appears to be unique in several ways especially by inclusion of a few but imperative new sections, viz., Plant Mineral Nutrition-Physiological and Molecular Mechanism; Imaging Techniques in Plant Physiology and Crop Physiology having remarkable aspects covered opulently."

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