Building Technological Capability : Issues and Prospects: Nepal, Bangladesh and India

Edited by Mozammel Huq, University Press, 2003, xxii, 256 p, figs, tables, ISBN : 9840516337, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Building Technological Capability : Issues and Prospects: Nepal, Bangladesh and India/edited by Mozammel Huq

Contents: Foreword. Preface. 1. Introduction: technological capability building in developing countries—an overview/Mozammel Huq. 2. Perspectives on technology and development/Roy H. Grieve. 3. Choice of technique and technology policy in developing countries/Eric Rahim. 4. Evaluation framework for industrial technology capacity enhancement/M. Nawaz Sharif. 5. Transfer of technology to developing countries: a review of various evaluation criteria/Mozammel Huq. 6. Transfer of advanced technologies to developing countries/Mozammel Huq. 7. Promotion of technology in the industrial sector of Nepal: policies and practices/Amar B. Manandhar and Mahendra Ranjit. 8. Science and technology policies for industrial development in India/G.D. Sandhya and Ashok Jain. 9. Technology policy for industrialisation in a developing country: the case of Bangladesh/Mozammel Huq. 10. Technology transfer through foreign investment in Nepal/Ramesh C. Chitrakar. 11. Technological capability building in Nepal: a case study of mini and micro-hydro turbine manufacturers/Indira (Sthapit) Shakya. 12. Failure to absorb technology: a case study of fertiliser manufacturing in Bangladesh/Mozammel Huq and K.M. Nabiul Islam. Index.

"This volume contains a number of studies considered essential for a course on technological capability building in developing countries. It is an outcome of a ‘technology link programme’ between the University of Strathclyde and the Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology.

The book aims to help the reader gain a good understanding of the relevant historical developments and also the various static and dynamic issues involved. The focus of the volume is on analysing the process of helping effective transfer of technology to developing countries. The three areas emphasised are: first, exploration of the origin and the development of the concept, examining the relevant evaluation criteria and the problems of transferring advanced technologies; second, case studies from Bangladesh, India and Nepal are incorporated to help to analyse the state of technology policy in some of the low-income developing countries. Finally, it examines industry case studies in particular the transfer of technology to Nepal in turbine manufacturing (for micro-hydro plants) and to Bangladesh in fertiliser manufacturing (using natural gas).

The book should be very helpful for graduate students undertaking courses on technology transfer to developing countries. The contributors include academics and policy makers from a multi-disciplinary background, who have remained active researchers." (jacket)

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