Women and Social Change

Afsar Bano, Reference Press, 2003, x, 398 p, ISBN : 8188583200, $44.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Women and Social Change/Afsar Bano

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. I. Background: 2. The change in past. 3. Role in freedom movement. 4. After independence. II. Evolution: 5. The great beginning. 6. An equal status. 7. Problems and solutions. III. Emancipation: 8. Share in the process. 9. In authority. IV. Empowerment: 10. Political participation. 11. In the fray. 12. Democratic process. 13. The experiment of Panchayati Raj. 14. Influence on mass media. V. Analysis: 15. The perspective plan. 16. Issues at stake. Bibliography. Index.

"Women, despite having no power, authority or the real say in matters in a male dominated society, have played a vital role all around. They have made valuable contribution in the occurrence of social change in India. Though women have always proved their worth in ancient times and medieval age, in modern age, Mahatma Gandhi was the first person to recognise their might. He successfully translated women power in a real force, making them contribute in the freedom struggle. Even after independence women have done a lot and are busy in building a new India and in fact, in some fields, they are much ahead of men.

"This comprehensive and authentic study on the subject is first of its kind, thus proving to be beneficial for academics, researchers and N.G.O.s alike." (jacket)

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