Human Impact on Desert Environment

Edited by Pratap Narain, S. Kathju, Amal Kar, M.P. Singh and Praveen-Kumar, Scientific, 2003, xii, 629 p, figs, tables, ISBN : 8172333501, $72.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Human Impact on Desert Environment/edited by Pratap Narain, S. Kathju, Amal Kar, M.P. Singh and Praveen-KumarContents: Foreword. Preface. I. Drought and desertification: 1. Ecological fluxes in the Thar Desert/R.P. Dhir. 2. Role of space technology in assessment and monitoring of drought and desertification/D.P. Rao, R.S. Dwivedi and A.T. Jayaseelan. 3. Desertification in arid Kachchh region of Gujarat: present status and responsible factors/Amal Kar and Nepal Singh. 4. Agro-ecological assessment of arid regions of Gujarat for crop planning/B.L. Jain, R.S. Singh, J.D. Giri, J.P. Sharma and R.L. Shyampura. 5. Impact of human activities on land use changes in arid Rajasthan: retrospect and prospects/Balak Ram. 6. Malaria conflagration under the impact of changing Thar Desert environment/B.K. Tyagi. 7. Micro-climatic quantification and drought impacts on productivity of green-gram under different cropping systems of arid zone/R.S. Singh, J.P. Gupta, A.S. Rao and A.K. Sharma. 8. Estimation of reference evapotranspiration: a case study/R.K. Goyal and V.P. Gupta. 9. Climatic fluctuations and trends at Banaskantha, Gujarat/K.I. Patel, S.B.S. Narasimha Rao, A.M. Shekh, M.B. Savani, Vyas Pandey, B.K. Bhatt, A.J. Dave and R.S. Parmar. 10. Terrain modeling to understand fluvial erosion hazards/P.C. Moharana. II. Land and water management: 1. Status of land resources in drought prone areas/M. Velayutham, R.L. Shyampura and R.K. Saxena. 2. Four water concept: a new paradigm for Indira Gandhi Canal Area/J. Venkateswarlu. 3. Rainwater harvesting and utilization/H.P. Singh and K.D. Sharma. 4. Integrated watershed management for sustainability/M.A. Khan and Pratap Narain. 5. Effects of soil and water conservation in Jhanwar watershed/T.K. Bhati and R.K. Goyal. 6. Integration of mining activities and environment in Thar Desert/P.B. Rastogi. 7. Technology approach for rehabilitating degraded arid lands/S.S. Rathore and J.P. Gupta. 8. Characterization of limestone mine spoils for rehabilitation in Thar Desert/B.K. Sharma, K.D. Sharma and Suresh Kumar. 9. Effect of tree plantation on soil fertility in arid region of Rajasthan/Pramila Raina. 10. Model prediction of physico-chemical changes in brackish water-irrigated sodic soils during amelioration/D.C. Joshi, Tibor Toth and Diana Sari. 11. Performance of vegetative barriers on sloping land in semi-arid region/S.C. Sharma, J.S. Mann, R.S. Mehta and L.R. Meena. 12. Studies on in situ rain water harvesting in Ber/K. Satyanarayana Reddy and P. Umamaheswari. 13. Vegetation status of a salt-affected soil five years after plantation/Ranjana Arya. 14. Comparative efficiency of Olsen and modified Kelowna soil tests for available phosphorus in Rajasthan soils/V.K. Garg. 15. Assessment of industrial effluents induced degradation of natural resources in arid environment/Balak Ram and I.C. Gupta. III. Crop production: 1. Sustainable crop production in arid region: strategies and research priorities/J.P. Gupta and Pratap Narain. 2. Systems analysis and simulation in agronomy/N.L. Joshi. 3. Simulation of pearl millet yield under arid environment/G.J. O’Leary, N.L. Joshi and E.J. van Oosterom. 4. Response of pearl millet to N and FYM under rainfed condition/N.D. Yadava and B.K. Beniwal. 5. Guar breeding: what has been done and what lies ahead?/J.V. Singh and R.N. Arora. 6. Clusterbean: an industrial crop for arid zone/A. Henry. 7. Influence of spacing on performance, water use and nutrient uptake of clusterbean/B.K. Garg, S. Kathju, S.P. Vyas and A.N. Lahiri. 8. Effect of single and multiple inoculation of clusterbean on growth, nutrition and tolerance to infection by Macrophomina phaseolina/P.P. Gupta, Vivek Gupta, Rakesh Kumar, J.V. Singh and D.S. Jatasara. 9. Variability and correlation studies for seedling traits in cowpea/R.N. Arora and D.S. Jatasara. 10. Studies on seed microflora of cowpea/P.P. Gupta, Vivek Gupta, A.S. Rathi and D.S. Jatasara. 11. Effect of fertility levels and Azotobacter inoculation on yield attributes and yield of barley/N.K. Gaur, O.P. Sharma and T.K. Bhati. 12. Importance of Udaipur rock phosphate as P fertilizer/R.S. Yadav. 13. Impact of changing cropping patterns on the insect pest spectrum in the arid agroecosystem/M.P. Singh, Satyavir and Nisha Patel. 14. Incidence of Indian field mouse, Mus booduga gray in Thar Desert/Mohd. Idris, R.S. Tripathi, V. Chaudhary and B.D. Rana. 15. Management of die-back in chilli through seed and spray treatments/Arun Kumar and N.L. Vyas. 16. Economic assessment of cropping systems for Western arid zone/Anurag Saxena, D.V. Singh and N.L. Joshi. IV. Biodiversity and alternate landuse: 1. Thar Desert biosphere reserve and conservation of phytodiversity of Thar/M.M. Bhandari. 2. Agroforestry for sustainability in arid regions/R.M. Singhal and G. Singh. 3. Potential of certain multipurpose tree species under rainfed condition in North Gujarat/S.N. Jaimini, S.B.S. Tikka, J.M. Patel, N.M. Patel, P.M. Patel and S.B. Patel. 4. Influence of intercropping and tree density on forage production in Ardu-based silvopasture system/L.R. Meena, S.C. Sharma, J.S. Mann and R.S. Mehta. 5. Effect of tree species on inter space grass yield under silvopastoral system/A.K. Kothari and P.M. Jain. 6. Quick raising of Salvadora oleoides (Decne) saplings/R.S. Mertia and T.K. Kunhamu. 7. Propagation techniques to conserve endemic and threatened plants in arid region/M. Nagarajan and R.S. Mertia. 8. In vitro multiplication of important desert trees/R. Raj Bhansali. 9. Improved biomass production and nutrient uptake in Acacia leucophloea by inoculation with AM fungi/Jitendra Panwar and Anil Vyas. 10. Effects of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal (AM) fungi on the growth of desert tree saplings/Sher Mohammed and Pawan K. Kasera. 11. Arresting the degradation of productivity of marginal lands through silvopasture system in dry areas/R.S. Mehta, J.S. Mann, S.C. Sharma and L.R. Meena. 12. Suitable land use model for maximization of production on sandy loam soils/J.S. Mann, S.C. Sharma and R.S. Mehta. 13. Studies on some multipurpose tree species as a source of rural energy/D.I. Gohil and S.P. Singh. 14. Increased production of gum-Arabic from Acacia Senegal/Hamid A. Khan, L.N. Harsh and M.D. Bohra. 15. Prospects of saffron cultivation in cold arid zone of Kargil (Ladakh)/A.M. Munshi, Gul Zaffar and G.H. Zargar. 16. Microbial and soil C, N and P in Prosopis cineraria and Acacia nilotica- based agroforestry systems/S.K. Mehar, Usha Purohit, M. Nagarajan and S. Sundaramoorthy. 17. Arid horticulture/B.S. Chundawat. 18. Genetic diversity in pomegranate germplasm in arid regions/B.B. Vashishtha, D.K. Samadia and P. Nallathambi. 19. Advances in jujube cultivation in arid zone/P.R. Meghwal and S.K. Purbey. 20. Studies on the maturity standards of date palm (Phoenix dactytlifera L.)/G. Lal, M.S. Fageria, R.S. Dhaka, N.L. Sen and J.P.S. Pundeer. 21. Diversity in Kachari and Matira in arid region of Rajasthan/N.K. Dwivedi, D.C. Bhandari, Neelam Bhatnagar and D.K. Samadia. 22. Propagation and production techniques for five important medicinal plants of the Thar Desert/Pawan K. Kasera, Jitendra K. Shukla, Jai Prakash, Priya Saharan and D.D. Chawan. V. Livestock and range management: 1. Breeding and selection for disease resistance in farm animals/S.C. Mehta and V.K. Singh. 2. Livestock: human need for sustainability in arid environment/B.K. Mathur. 3. Marwari sheep: its improvement in hot arid Rajasthan/Gopal Dass and V.K. Singh. 4. Effect of grass legume intercropping on soil properties in the arid zone of Rajasthan/K.P. Tripathi and K.C. Singh. 5. Relative performance of prominent grasses under varying rainfall situations in arid Gujarat/S.P. Vyas. 6. Degradation of soil resources of Rajasthan due to biotic stress/Vimlesh Chaudhary, B.L. Kakralya and Karan Singh. VI. Energy management: 1. Energy management in arid zone/Anwar Alam. 2. Design and development of solar devices for arid region/P.C. Pande. 3. Energetics of crop production in arid region/Harpal Singh, D. Mishra and N.M. Nahar. 4. Tillage for moisture and energy conservation in clusterbean-pearl millet rotation in arid zone/M. Patidar and A.K. Singh. VII. Peoples’ participation and impact assessment: 1. Impact assessment of farm technologies for desert development/Mruthyunjaya. 2. Socio-cultural practices and peoples’ perception in desertification processes in an Indian arid village/D.K. Saha, A. Tsunekawa, K. Anantha Ram and T. Miyazaki. 3. Resource use efficiency in vegetable production in arid region of Rajasthan/Pratibha Tewari, Z.D. Kavia, B.L. Gajja and T.K. Bhati. 4. Achievement motivation of farmers and extension personnel/Amtul-Waris, M.P. Singh and K.N.K. Chauhan. 5. Participation of farmers in tree plantation in Western Rajasthan/Rajendra Prasad, R.K. Gupta and R.R. Lohra. Author Index.
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