A Textbook of Bioinformatics

C. Subramanian, Dominant, 2015, xiv, 316 p, ISBN : 9789384161002, $60.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Textbook of Bioinformatics/C. Subramanian

Contents: Preface. 1. Techniques for search. 2. Techniques of comparison. 3. Sequencing biological objects. 4. Sequencing DNA. 5. Sequence analysis. 6. Analysis protocol. 7. Analysis packages. 8. DNA sequence analysed. 9. Databases for biological purposes. 10. World wide web and internet. 11. Immunotechnology. 12. Molecular manipulation. 13. Mapping of genomes. Glossary of key terms.

"In the modern world molecular biology has experienced an information revolution owing to rapid growth of computer-based technologies. The subject, bioinformatics deals with the information technology as applied to management and analysis of biological data. Sequencing and the techniques and methods associated with it form an important part of it.

This book is written with a view to provide information on sequence analysis. Sequence analysis as a tool holds great importance in the modern day molecular biology. Its importance increased with the birth of genome project. Efforts has been made to undertake the information about the search tools and various databases that are most widely used today." (jacket)

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