America's Afghanistan War : The Success that Failed

Jagmohan Meher, Kalpaz, 2004, 325 p, ISBN : 8178352621, $42.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

America's Afghanistan War : The Success that Failed/Jagmohan Meher

Contents: Foreword. Preface. Note on sources of research materials. Introduction. 1. United States and Afghanistan: a historical perspective. 2. Carter and the road to Afghanistan. 3. Soviet invasion and the American reaction. 4. Making a policy. 5. The Reagan doctrine and its impact on Afghanistan. 6. United States and the Geneva accords. 7. Post-Soviet Afghanistan and U.S. policy. 8. United States and Taliban. 9. America's Afghan War: the success that failed. 10. Towards enduring engagement. Appendix. Bibliography. Index.

"This study is an attempt to look at the United States' responses to the various developments in and challenges of Afghanistan with a view to understand the dynamics of survival and failure of this land-locked country. Paradoxically, the study highlights a new perspective on the U.S.-Afghan relations during the cold war years. It finds, whenever Afghanistan moved close to the U.S., it had led to a negative Soviet response. The study mainly focuses on the American reaction to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979, and elaborates the process of American decision-making.

Dr. Meher has collected research materials extensively both in India and the United States, and put together an empirical study very cohesively by using primary source information and data. This book should be useful for the students, teachers, diplomats, foreign policy makers, and people evincing interests on the U.S. foreign policy and Afghanistan."  (jacket) 

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