Cognition, Man and the World : Perspectives in Jaina Philosophy

Edited by Asha Mukherjee, Kalinga, 2004, xviii, 214 p, ISBN : 8187644591, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Cognition, Man and the World : Perspectives in Jaina Philosophy/edited by Asha Mukherjee

Contents: Preface. I. A.S.D. Sharma : A Personal Statement. II. Human cognition: 1. Jainism : a modern statement/Pabitra Kumar Roy. 2. Contribution of Jaina philosophy to Indian thought/Mohan Lal Mehta. 4. Ahimsa in Jaina ethics and its intimate relation to Yoga philosophy/Shashi Prabha Kumar. 7. Jaina concept of valid cognition : a short note/Madhumita Chattopadhyay. 8. Jaina conception of Pramana : a review/Pradeep P. Gokhale. 9. A Jaina critique of the unreality of relation/Raghunath Ghosh. 12. Jaina Dharma : an estimate/Bijayanand Kar. III. Human action : man and the world: 13. Perspectives on Jainism/S.B.P. Sinha. 14. Agenda 21: Jain cosmology and ethics for the eco-crisis/Cromwell Crawford. 15. Some remarks on the principles of health and health-sciences in the Jain way of life/S.E. Bhelke. 17. Non-Violence as the Basic source of unity and emancipation--Jaina viewpoint/Md. Sirajul Islam. 18. The three jewels of Jaina philosophy--some critical observations/B.B. Thakur. 19. Jainism as a world religion/Ramjee Singh. 20. Dimensions of the Sanskrit Jaina literature. Appendix. (6 Numbers in Hindi Articles)

"This collection of papers presents aspects of Jaina philosophy for the first time in one volume. Contributions are divided in two general types, theoretical, interpretive essays and the practical i.e., the contributions of Jaina philosophy to moral phenomena. The essays are expected to help the reader to see that Jainism is not a religion that is to be preached but a philosophy and way of life, which needs to be lived through. In presenting this anthology to the readers we welcome them to a wide and open arena of thought, and we do hope them to realize that Jainism does not deserve to be forgotten, and does deserve a philosophical hearing in respect of our judgements of life and existence." (jacket)

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