Advances in Plant Physiology : An International Treatise Series, Vol. 6

Edited by A. Hemantaranjan, Scientific, 2004, xx, 504 p, ISBN : 8172333552, $90.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Advances in Plant Physiology : An International Treatise Series, Vol. 6/edited by A. Hemantaranjan

Contents: Preface. I. Biotechnology, Gene Expression and Genetically Engineered Crops: 1. GE crops: need, potential and contentions/H.S. Gehlot, N.S. Shekhawat and A. Hemantaranjan. 2. Transposable elements and plant gene expression/W. Siripornadulsil and E. Grotewold. II. Transgenic Plants - Physiology and Biochemistry: 3. Approaches to improve the nutritional values of transgenic plants by increasing their methionine contentr/Rachel Amir and Gad Galili. III. Plant Metabolism - Biochemical and Molecular Advances: 4. Biotin metabolism in plants: biochemical and molecular characterizations/C.Alban, L.Denis, A. Picciocchi and R.Douce. 5. The abundant proteins in sesame seed: storage proteins in protein bodies and oleosins in oil bodies/Jason T.C. Tzen, Miki M.C. Wang, Sorgan S.K. Tai, Tiger T.T. Lee and Chi-Chung Peng. 6. Plant casein kinases/T.Yupsanis and C. Vergidou. IV. Recent Advances in Plant Signaling, Growth and Development: 7. Peptide hormone mediated signaling in plants exhibits mechanistic similarities in animals/T. Dresselhaus and S. Sprunck. 8. Salicylic acid in the plant signaling network/Thierry Genoud, Marcela Beatriz Trevino Santa Cruz, Jean-Pierre Metraux, Christiane Nawrath. 9. Polyamines in plant growth and development/S.N. Mishra, Kanchan Makkar and Sarita Verma. 10. Cavitation fatigue-the weakening of cavitation resistance of xylem and its reversibility/Uwe G. Hacke, Volker Stiller and John S. Sperry. V. Physiology of Stresses in Plants: 1. The physiological mechanism of aluminum tolerance in Glycine max L./Hideaki Matsumoto, Zhen Ming Yang, Jiang Feng You and Hai Nian. 12. Physiological options for mitigating drought and salinity in pulses/J.D.S. Panwar. 13. Root studies under drought: different methodology/J.D.S. Panwar and A. Bhattacharya. VI. Crop Physiology and Biochemistry. 14. Phenology of groundnut/A.L. Singh. VII. Physiology, Biochemistry and Genetics of Nodulation and Nitrogen Fixation: 15. The synthesis and the roles of glutathione and homoglutathione in legumes/J.Harrison, A. Puppo and P.Frendo. 16. Physiology and genetics of rhizobia-legume nitrogen fixation/Michael A. Torres and Gary Stacey. VIII. Techniques in Plant Physiology: Fluorescence imaging : the stethoscope of the plant physiologist/R.Valcke. IX. Protocols of Plant Cell Viability: 18. Plant cell viability assessment/N. Steward and J.L. Goergen. X. Nitrogen Metabolism: 19. Nitrogen metabolism in plants under CO2 enriched atmosphere/A.C. Srivastava, A.K. Tiku, Neeru M. Sharma and U.K. Sengupta. Index.

"Conscientiousness at global extent to systematically organize relevant research work approved in the realm of plant physiology, biochemistry & plant molecular biology in the last few decades all the way through creation of an international treatise series was initiated in the late last decade with publication of advances in plant physiology.  In fact this has been made feasible absolutely due to laudable contributions from world scientists of eminence in specific fields.  It is important to mention that within a short span of six years the treatise is made possible to attain an international status.  The volume 6 is indeed unparallel in its organization in several manners by sincere cooperation of over forty nine experienced, praiseworthy and well-known scientists/stalwarts, of which thirty six participated from abroad.  The instant literature coming in innumerable journals of repute reflecting new technologies in plant sciences require to be assembled in a positive, productive and helpful manner by experts all over the globe.  In this volume, efforts have been made to compile very needful review articles with a serious view to scientific future planning and for really making direct move towards indispensable research. Besides these, the book also inspires us to be conscious enough upon the two lines of investigation, practical and fundamental, which must always go hand in hand. there can never be a logical parting of these two aspects of our science. Correspondingly, there can never be a national separation of the pure physiologists from the practical physiologists. Our tasks are one and we must learn to march together in our performance! This volume appears to be unique in several ways especially by inclusion of a few but vital new sections, viz., biotechnology, gene expression and genetically engineered crops; transgenic plants physiology and biochemistry, etc. including many worthy sections to sub-divide volume 6 in to different parts to comprise nineteen substantial chapters. Illustrious scientist all over the globe have contributed these chapters, who have been actively engaged in a variety of unequivocal areas of research with all-embracing knowledge, time-honoured record of distinction and outstanding authorities. They have put into producing up-to-date reviews, which are duly evaluated by the respective consulting editors of international stature from India, U.K., U.S.A., Argentina, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Israel, and Morocco to strengthen the implementation of the noble theme, which is enormously crucial in the new millennium.

"In fact the treatise is prosperity for interdisciplinary exchange of information. Apart from satisfying the acute need of this kind of exclusive edition in different volumes for research teams and scientists engaged in various facets of research in plant physiology and plant molecular biology in traditional and agricultural universities, institutes and research laboratories throughout the world, it would be extremely a constructive book and a voluminous reference material for acquiring advanced knowledge by post-graduate and Ph.D scholars in response to the innovative courses in plant physiology, plant biochemistry, plant molecular biology, plant biotechnology, plant pathology, microbiology, soil science and agricultural chemistry, agronomy, horticulture, environmental sciences, and botany." (jacket)

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