Indian Cinema : The Bollywood Saga

Dinesh Raheja and Jitendra Kothari, Roli Books, 2004, 156 p, ISBN : 8174362851, $83.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Contents: Foreword/Ismail Merchant. 1. The Bollywood Saga 1913-2003. 2. The Silent Era 1913-1920s. 3. The Unleashing of Sound 1930s. 4. Ascending the Growth Curve 1940s. 5. The Gilded Age 1950s. 6. Colourful Escapism 1960s. 7. The Decade of Rebellion 1970s. 8. Pockets of Grace 1980s. 9. Going Retro 1990s. 10. The Post-Millennial Period. 11. Significant Films 1930-2003. Index.

"Bollywood, the Hindi film industry started with just one film, Raja Harishchandra, in 1913. By the end of the century, however, it had grown into a creative and financial behemoth with the intervening decades witnessing technological innovations that were to change the face of the film industry. Today, Bollywood produces more than 100 films a year and entertains billions of people around the globe.

Indian Cinema : The Bollywood Saga documents this incredible story of Hindi films. The book takes the reader on a chronologically-charted odyssey through each epoch of this historic and dramatic journey, examining and analyzing the benchmarks of the vibrant changes that marked each passing era--the early silent years, the excitement at the introduction of sound, the gradual seeping in of colour into film images, the fashioning of eternal classics, right up to the post millennial 'glitzkrieg' of mega-budget ventures balanced on the cusp of art and commerce.

Few stories are as rich or as fascinating. The Bollywood Saga recaptures the romance of the past and the pragmatism of the present for all those who love Hindi films."

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