Forecasting Your Life Events : An Art of Predictive Astrology

Carol Rushman, New Age Books, 2002, xiv, 274 p, figs, ISBN : 8178221098, $13.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Forecasting Your Life Events : An Art of Predictive Astrology/Carol Rushman

Contents: Introduction. 1. Psychological profiles. 2. The natal promise. 3. Progressions. 4. The importance of the progressed moon. 5. Progressed house cusps. 6. Transits. 7. Stationing and retrograde planets. 8. Lunations and eclipses. 9. Putting it all together. Glossary. Index.

"The book presents the techniques which show you how to forecast upcoming trends and life events for yourself, friends and family, and astrological clients. Carol Rushman shares her method for astrological prediction, including:

The "Natal Promise" of the Birth chart.
Secondary progressions, including the progressed moon, and progressed house cusps.
Transiting planets.
Lunations (new and full moons) and eclipses.

This book is a step-by-step system for making predictions. Each chapter is a step in the process. After reading this book you will be able to predict major events such as marriage, and minor events like receiving a small gift. Real-life examples drawn from the author's experience show you firsthand how to practice the art of predictive astrology."

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