A Selection of Pioneering Research Papers of the Journal of the Asiatic Society on Geology and Physics

Edited by Sunil Sen Sarma, The Asiatic Society, 2004, xxi, 244 p, tables, $22.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Selection of Pioneering Research Papers of the Journal of the Asiatic Society on Geology and Physics/edited by Sunil Sen SarmaContents: Foreword. Preface. Section A. Papers on Geology: i. Critique of the selected papers : reviewers' comments on their scientific and historical significance/Sisir Kumar Sen and Asoke Mukherjee. ii. Original Papers. 1. On the general vibration, or descent and upheaval, which seems, at a recent geological period, to have occurred all over the Northern Hemisphere/George Buist. 2. The great Indian Arc of Meridian, and the figure of the earth/Archdeacon Pratt J.H. 3. A second letter on the Indian Arc/Archdeacon Pratt J.H. 4. On the influence of mountain-attraction on the determination of the relative heights of Mount Everest, near Darjeeling, and the lofty peak lately discovered near Kashmir/Archdeacon Pratt J.H. 5. Memorandum, showing the final result of Archdeacon Pratt's calculations regarding the effect of local attraction upon the operations of the great Trigonometrical Survey of India/Archdeacon Pratt J.H. 6. On the degree of uncertainty which local attraction, if not allowed for, occasions in the map of a country, and in the mean figure of the earth as determined by Geodesy; a method of obtaining the mean figure free from ambiguity by a comparison of the Anglo Gallic, Russian and Indian Arcs; and speculations on the constitution of the Earth's Crust/Archdeacon Pratt J.H. 7. The petrology of job Charnock's Tombstone/T.H. Holland. 8. Note on the secular cooling of the earth and a problem in conduction of heat/Devendranath Mallik. Section B : Papers on physics: A. Critique of the selected papers: reviewers' comments on their scientific and historical significance/Subimal Sen, Rajkumar Maitra, Triptesh De and Dipan Bhattacharya. B. Original papers: i. On the action of various lights upon the retina/David Brewster. ii. Memorandum relative to experiments on the communication of telegraphic signals by induced electricity/O'Shaughnessy W.B. iii. On the measurement of solar radiation by means of black-bulb thermometer in vacuo/S.A. Hill. iv. On polarisation of electric rays by double refracting crystals/J.C. Bose. v. Magnetic induction in spheroids/Devendranath Mallik. vi. Improvements in measurements with quadrant electrometers/Jackson V.H. and Asutosh Mukherjee and Improvements in measurements with quadrant electrometers - part II, simplified arrangements for accurate and continuous work/Jackson V.H. and Asutosh Mukherjee. vii. On a demonstration apparatus for determining young's modulus/Gauripati Chatterjee. viii. On the pressure of light/Saha M.N. and Chakravarti S. ix. On a new theorem in elasticity/Meghnad Saha. x. On the theory of generalised quanta and relativistic Newtonian motion/S.C. Kar.
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