Feminism and Women's Human Rights (2 Vols-Set)

Mohini Chatterjee, Aavishkar, 2004, vii, 240 p, 2 Vols, ISBN : 8179100766, $61.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Feminism and Women's Human Rights/Mohini Chatterjee

Contents: Vol. I : Feminism and gender equality: Preface. 1. Issues in feminism and humanism. 2. Cultural basis of feminism. 3. Economic basis of feminism. 4. Problems of feminism and Marxism. 5. Radical feminism. 6. Feminism's changing role in Liberalism.7. The age of enlightenment and feminism. 8. Feminism and existentialism. 9. The new feminist moral vision. Bibliography.

Vol. II : Women's Human Rights: Preface. 1. Women in Indian society. 2. Women's human rights: origin and development. 3. Concern for the human rights of women. 4. Women's human rights in public and private spheres. 5. Women, violence and the human rights system. 6. Human rights, sexual orientation and the social and Legal Impact of Law. 7. HIV, AIDS and human rights. 8. Global citizenship and defined by women. 9. International law: women's rights and human rights. 10. Rights of women in Islamic society. 11. Empowering women through education. Bibliography.

"It was during the industrial revolution in the west that women began seeing themselves in the new social roles that emerged and began thinking about the rights that could, or should, accrue  to them as contributing members of society. Western literature presented new ideas of women's emancipation and thus began the movement in which they discovered themselves as new persons with inalienable rights and freedom.

In two volumes, Feminism and Women's Human Rights places the emerging concept of the second sex's rights against a humanistic background, in its real perspective and sheds light on the various compulsions, pressures and motivation that led to women banding together to attain an equal status with their menfolk. Right from the beginning of the awakening among women thinkers to the present day, the throes and convulsions of the movement are delineated with skill and lucidity to give the reader the widest possible view of the subject of women's emancipation.

Every aspect of the subject has been dwelt in length and presented with well-researched logical explanations. For those new to the subject, the books will be an eye-opener and a vehicle to gain comprehensive knowledge of womanhood and its rights. For those involved with the subject, like sociologists, teachers, researchers and workers in the field of women's activities, it will help them develop new approaches and a better understanding that leads to professional advancement." (jacket)

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