My Brush with Art : An Anthology of Contemporary Indian Art

Lakshmi Lal, Rupa Co, 2004, x, 164 p, plates, ISBN : 8129104121, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

My Brush with Art : An Anthology of Contemporary Indian Art/Lakshmi Lal

Contents: Preface. 1. Mumbai artscape. 2. Remembered geography, imagined history/Prabhakar Barwe. 3. Death in life/Veena Bhargava. 4. To keep the spark kindling, that's the real problem/N.S. Bendre. 5. The agony and the irony/Bikash Bhattacharjee. 6. Nests of ease/Meera Devidayal. 7. Shades of shakti/M.F. Husain. 8. Of colour and light/Bhupen Khakhar. 9. A quality of myth/Ram Kumar. 10. A filtered image held in suspense/Tyeb Mehta. 11. Homespun Gods/Mrinalini Mukherjee. 12. Her world is windowed/Anjolie Ela Menon. 13. Painting is the art of making images/Badri Narayan. 14. One God leads to another/Mani Narayan. 15. The dare and the discipline/Pilloo Pochkhanawala. 16. Blood runs Lukewarm in city veins/Gieve Patel. 17. A time, a place, a face/Sudhir Patwardhan. 18. A space for heads/Akbar Padamsee. 19. Silence inside the square/Satish Panchal. 20. To alarm, to arouse, to alert/A. Ramachandran. 21. The seed it is that speaks/S.H. Raza. 22. Colour is not just a rip-off/Jehangir Sabavala. 23. What yellow means to me/J. Swaminathan. 24. Tapping a cosmic source/Francis Newton Souza. 25. Saying it now and quickly/S.G. Vasudev. 26. Internal dialogue painted aloud/Babu Xavier. 27. To the tune of the warli pipe/Jivya Soma Mashe, Balu Mashe. 28. Collector's medley : a gallery chemould show. 29. An art lover remembers : a Mumbai art person reminisces. 30. Journeys within landscapes : a sakshi gallery show.

"Contemporary Indian Art is, give or take a decade, three quarters of a century old. This book covers artists who worked, grew to maturity and established themselves in the post-independence years. Lakshmi Lal brings to their work the insights of a seasoned viewer whose joy in experiencing art is both infectious and illuminating." (jacket)

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