A Dictionary of Non-Classical Mythology

Marian Edwardes and Lewis Spence, Mittal, 2004, Reprint, x, 214 p, plates, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Dictionary of Non-Classical Mythology/Marian Edwardes and Lewis Spence

"This volume which embraces the divine beliefs and imagination of various races the world over, bears in fact not on one mythology but many of them. Advances in comparative mythology have made it amply clear that we acquire a better and larger understanding of the ancient religions and the symbolic forms of these several races, if we study them in their interrelationships, rather than in isolation. It is then that we grasp the creative idea in man and learn how nearly the old myths touch the essence of our humane and divine philosophy.

The dictionary, prepared with these wider interests of mythological studies in view, is precisely the kind of reference book which most people need for the comparative study of mythology as a factor in the evolution of human thought and culture." (jacket)

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