Intervention for Slow Learners

R. Ramar, Sonali, 2004, xii, 241 p, ISBN : 8188836435, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Intervention for Slow Learners/R. Ramar

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Review of related research. 3. Statement of the problem. 4. Methodology. 5. Results and discussion. 6. Summary and suggestions. Bibliography. Index.

"The book delineates the concept of slow learning and slow learners in a subtle manner. The first chapter opens with a tapestry of concept and causes of slow learning and the characteristics of slow learners. The author has made a clear distinction among the low achievers, slow learners and the learning disabled. Also, the book provides an exhaustive exposition about modular instruction which will be of immense use for the teachers at all level of education.

The second chapter lists out the research works as well as theoretic works reviewed by the researcher to carry out his own research work. The third chapter deals with the statement of the problem. This chapter enumerates the objectives and the hypotheses formulated on the basis of the specific objectives in addition to expounding the need and importance and scope of the study. Also the dimensions are demarcated. The fourth chapter explicates the methodology employed the research work.

The fifth chapter portrays the results and discussion. This chapter brings to light the effectiveness of the employed intervention strategy. Also, it discusses about the progress made by the slow learners, the rate of progress evinced by them after the experimental treatment. Another significant aspects of this book is that it establishes how far the slow learners are able to cope with normal students. The last chapter provides a detailed summary of the study in addition to useful suggestions and anticipated implications. The specimen modules in the appendix will be very useful for the teachers to develop multimedia modules on their own for the subjects units they have to teach.

Above all, this book will receive as a Handbook for the general education teachers. It is hoped that this book will receive wide acclaim from students, research scholars, and teachers at all levels." (jacket)

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