A Text Book of Environmental Studies : Environmental Sciences

Gurdeep R. Chatwal and Harish Sharma, Himalaya, 2004, viii, 459 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 8183180604, $53.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Text Book of Environmental Studies : Environmental Sciences/Gurdeep R. Chatwal and Harish Sharma

Contents: Preface. 1. Multidisciplinary nature of environmental studies. 2. Renewable and non-renewable resources. 3. Forest resources. 4. Water resources. 5. Mineral resources. 6. Food resources. 7. Energy resources. 8. Land resources. 9. Role of an individual in conservation of natural resources. 10. Equitable use of resources for sustainable life style. 11. Introduction to ecosystems. 12. Ecosystems: types, characteristics, structures and functions. 13. Biodiversity and its conservation. 14. Environmental pollution causes, effects and control. 15. Air pollution (causes, effects and control). 16. Water pollution (causes, effects and control). 17. Soil pollution. 18. Marine and coastal pollution. 19. Noise pollution. 20. Thermal pollution. 21. Radiation and radioactive pollution. 22. Solid waste management. 23. Role of an individual in prevention of pollution. 24. Pollution and natural disasters (nuclear accidents). 25. Disaster management. 26. Social issues of environment. 27. Global warming and climatic changes. 28. Wasteland reclamation and management. 29. Consumerism and waste products. 30. Water management, rain water harvesting and watershed management. 31. Human population and environment.

"This text book deals with various concepts of environmental studies, recently introduced as a paper by University Grant Commission at undergraduate level for all disciplines as well as for the general aspirants of environment and ecology. Every concept included in this text has been explained in a lucid manner by using simple language. Wherever necessary simple diagrams have been introduced to make the concepts illustrative. In this book, scientific principle as well as some insights into the social, political and economic systems that impact out environment are discussed in a lucid manner. The matter included in this text has been selected from standard texts. However, there are some concepts which are not being covered by these texts. The matter for these have been taken from various environmental web sites on internet. The authors expect that the students should do search on internet to get recently introduced concepts on environmental studies.

Technical terms used in this book are explained in a simple language with examples from day to day life. After going through this text, the reader gets new, valid, contextual knowledge about the natural world and our impacts on it but this knowledge creates a responsibility to get involved in the solution of environmental problems which have been created by us."

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