Christian Ethics and Moral Values

Albert D'Souza, Mittal, 2005, vii, 327 p, ISBN : 8170999936, $39.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Christian Ethics and Moral Values/Albert D'Souza

Contents: Preface. 1. Ethics and moral values in Christianity. 2. Ethics of the early church. 3. Bishop's church and its ethics. 4. Militant Papacy and its ethics. 5. Scholasticism and its ethics. 6. Christian ethics of sex and the family. 7. Comparison of Christian and non-Christian ethics. 8. Christian ethics and human culture. 9. Christian ethics and economics. 10. Christian ethics and politics. Bibliography. Index.

"Christian understanding of ethics, beginning with basic Christian convictions about the reality of God and human redemption, goes on weaving these convictions into the fabric of moral concerns that are widely shared in contemporary society. The book covers the problems that arise when Christians try to act on or enforce their convictions in a pluralistic society, and recognises the variety of theological and moral beliefs that are held within the Christian community, as well as in the wider society.

This excellent survey of Christian ethics treats comprehensively major thinkers, movements, and issues from the early church to the present. A broad range of topics are discussed: the biblical and philosophical legacies of Christian ethics, the ethics of early Christianity, medieval Christianity, the reformation and enlighten-ment, eighteenth- and nineteenth-century rationalism and evangelicism." (jacket)

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