Manifestations III : Hundred Artists from the Delhi Art Gallery Collection

Roobina Karode, Delhi Art Gallery, 2005, 302 p, photographs, ISBN : 8190210416, $100.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Manifestations III : Hundred Artists from the Delhi Art Gallery Collection/Roobina Karode

Contents: 1. Anonymous - follower of Raja Ravi Varma. 2. Samir Aich. 3. J. Sultan Ali. 4. K.H. Ara. 5. B.N. Arya. 6. Radha Charan Bagchi. 7. Ramkinkar Baij. 8. Aditya Basak. 9. R.B. Bhaskaran. 10. Jyoti Bhatt. 11. Bikash Bhattacharjee. 12. Chittaprosad Bhattacharya. 13. S.R. Bhushan. 14. Nikhil Biswas. 15. Nandalal Bose. 16. Kanchan Chander. 17. Bijan Choudhury. 18. Jogen Chowdhury. 19. Amitava Das. 20. Sunil Das. 21. Bimal Dasgupta. 22. Dharmanarayan Dasgupta. 23. Shanti Dave. 24. G.D. Deuskar. 25. Rini Dhumal. 26. M.V. Dhurandhar. 27. Hirachand Dugar. 28. Indra Dugar. 29. Shyamal Duttaray. 30. H.A. Gade. 31. J.P. Gangooly. 32. Gopal Ghose. 33. Kalikinkar Ghosh Dastidar. 34. Bipin Behari Goswami. 35. Laxma Goud. 36. Satish Gujral. 37. S.L. Haldankar. 38. Ganesh Haloi. 39. K.K. Hebbar. 40. Somnath Hore. 41. M.F. Husain. 42. P.V. Janakiram. 43. Prokash Karmakar. 44. Krishen Khanna. 45. Ambadas Khobragade. 46. Devayani Krishna. 47. Kanwal Krishna. 48. K.S. Kulkarni. 49. J.A. Lalkaka. 50. Walter Langhammer. 51. Isha Mahammad. 52. Kshitindranath Majumdar. 53. V.A. Mali. 54. Hemen Mazumdar. 55. Anjolie Ela Menon. 56. Hemanta Misra. 57. Rabin Mondal. 58. Sailoz Mookherjea. 59. Benode Behari Mukherjee. 60. A.H. Muller. 61. L. Munuswamy. 62. Reddeppa Naidu. 63. Ved Nayar. 64. Laxman Pai. 65. Gogi Saroj Pal. 66. M.K. Parandekar. 67. Jeram Patel. 68. Nagji Patel. 69. B. Prabha. 70. Ganesh Pyne. 71. Abalall Rahiman. 72. A. Ramachandran. 73. K. Ramanujam. 74. R.D. Raval. 75. Krishna Reddy. 76. Jamini Roy. 77. Prosanto Roy. 78. Sajal Roy. 79. Suhas Roy. 80. D.P. Roychowdhury. 81. Baburao Sadwelkar. 82. A.P. Santhanaraj. 83. G.R. Santosh. 84. N.R. Sardesai. 85. Abani Sen. 86. Paritosh Sen. 87. Sunil Madhav Sen. 88. Haku Shah. 89. Himmat Shah. 90. Arpita Singh. 91. F.N. Souza. 92. K.G. Subramanyan. 93. Abanindranath Tagore. 94. Gaganendranath Tagore. 95. Rabindranath Tagore. 96. L.N. Taskar. 97. S.G. Thakar Singh. 98. S.G. Vasudev. 99. V. Viswanadhan. 100. Jai Zharotia.

From the Director's Note: "Delhi Art Gallery is delighted to bring to the art viewing public, Manifestations III, the third in our series of bi-annual exhibitions, to once again showcase hundred artists, with many fresh names from the DAG collection, in a comprehensive survey of Indian art in the 20 century. While we know that no exhibition on art can please everyone or be perfect, we do hope that by this close public viewing of works exhibited in Manifestations III, we have provided glimpses into the agony and rapture experienced by artists in their quest for modernism in the Indian context. For art students and the larger art community, the show may relay the unlimited possibilities that the practice of art offers in its search for creative communication.

We received an overwhelming response to Manifestations II from all over India and abroad, with phone calls, emails and letters, appreciative of the expansively documented and well-compiled publication that gives Indian art and the exhibition, a life beyond the gallery space. Particular attention was drawn by exceptional names such as L.N. Taskar, K. Ramanujam, Asit Haldar, Himmat Shah and Ambadas. The romance of the early Bengal oils, the grandeur of J.P. Ganngooly's huge landscape, K.H. Ara's village Musicians of 1937, the figurative work of the neo-tantric painter G.R. Santosh and the cubistic disposition of the human figures by Rabin Mondal were surprises most appreciated. There were some delightful remarks related to the encapsulated broad span of time which allowed the cohabitation of aesthetic choices of senior and younger generation of art viewers. Such feedback and encouragement helps us improve our future endeavours and work with renewed energy and enthusiasm."

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