Psychological Philosophy of Education

Yogendra K Sharma, Kanishka, 2005, xiv, 370 p, ISBN : 8173917604, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Psychological Philosophy of Education/Yogendra K. SharmaContents: Preface. I. Psychological foundations of education: 1. Need and nature of psychological foundations of education. 2. Behaviourism and education. 3. Psychological tendency in education. 4. Utility of Gestalt psychology in education. 5. Spearman's two factor theory and education. 6. Psychoanalysis and education. 7. Educational application of Hormic theory of psychology. 8. Psychological principles of education. II. Psychological aspects of human development and learning: 9. Development of attention vital for achieving educational goals. 10. Social development and education. 11. Moral and aesthetic development and education. 12. Emotional development and education. 13. Instincts--the basis of human behaviour. 14. Learning. 15. Psychology of individual differences and adjustment in the classroom. 16. Education through play and routine tendencies. 17. Will, character and habits-the basis of education. 18. Imitation and education. 19. Imagination and education. 20. The role of forgetting and memory in education. 21. The role of thinking and reasoning in learning. 22. The role of frustration and motivation in learning. 23. Mental health and hygiene. 24. Delinquency: causes, prevention and treatment. 25.  How to achieve mental efficiency and success without fatigue. Index.
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