Principles and Practices of Integrated Watershed Management in India

Edited by Guy Honore, Indo-German Bilateral Project, 2002, x, 436 p, $60.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Principles and Practices of Integrated Watershed Management in India/edited by Guy HonoreContents: 1. Development of land for sustainable agricultural production/Rita Sharma. 2. Strategies and achievements of centrally sponsored schemes of soil conservation for enhancing the productivity of degraded lands/C.M. Pandey. 3. Soil degradation problems and management in India/Shamsher Singh. 4. Quest for optimising soil and water conservation technologies for reduction of soil erosion and sediment load in watersheds/Jose C. Samuel. 5. Hydrologic and sediment monitoring of Watershed of River Valley Projects and flood prone rivers programmes/C.M. Pandey. 6. Experiences within the representative watershed programme of the Indo-German Bilateral Project "Watershed Management" (Opportunities, constraints, recommendations)/E.M. Tideman. 7. Hydrological monitoring as a tool to evaluate soil and water conservation activities: experiences of the Indo-German Bilateral Project "Watershed Management"/Guy Honore. 8. Collaboration between State Government Department and NGO: a case study of Kattery watershed, Tamil Nadu/Aparna Kanungo. 9. Local institutions in watershed management/Sandhya Chatterji. 10. Evaluating the impact of watershed management projects: using indicators as an alternative tool/Michael W. Bollom. 11. Working with unequal partners/Guy Honore, P.K. Das and Kasturi Basu. 12. Socio-technical concept for rehabilitation of degraded watersheds: community forestry in Changar Project/Rajan Kotru. 13. Capacity building of NGOs and village Self-Help Groups for large scale implementation of watershed projects: the experiences of the Indo-German watershed development programme in Maharashtra/Crispino Lobo and Marcella D'Souza. 14. Going beyond a Pilot approach: some reflections on scaling up a participative and integrated watershed development project/Ruedi Baumgartner and N.R. Jagannath. 15. Watershed approaches for managing degraded lands in India -- challenges for the 21 century. 16. Participatory watershed development approach/S.L. Seth and Soren Damgaard-Larsen. 17. Evolution of institutional framework for watershed management in Uttar Pradesh Hills/Anil Berry. 18. Rehabilitation of the degraded Shivalik Eco-system through integrated watershed management/T.C. Jain, S.S. Grewal and A.S. Dogra. 19. Soil and land resource database for integrated watershed management/S.N. Das. 20. Integrated watershed management in the Indian Arid Zone/K.D. Sharma and A.S. Faroda. 21. Watershed management as a basis for land development and management in India/K.G. Tejwani. 22. Catalyzing voluntary participation of farmers--integrated watershed management in a dryland farming system/H.P. Singh. 23. Appropriate technologies for soil and water conservation/A. Singh. 24. Jaldhar model of In-Situ rain water conservation/Dinabandhu Karmakar. 25. Indigenous soil and water conservation in India's semi-arid tropics/John M. Kerr and N.K. Sanghi. 26. Enlisting people's participation in soil and water conservation programmes: the Indian experience/Katar Singh. 27. NGO-GO interactions in watershed development: experiences from Gujarat/Amita Shah.  28. Organisational and human resources development aspects of enhancing cooperation between people and institutions/James Mascarenhas. 29. Socio-economic aspects of watershed management programmes in India/Ram Babu and B.L. Dhyani. 30. Watershed condition assessment: indicators and indices for monitoring and evaluation of impacts/Alok K. Sikka and J.S. Samra. 31. Monitoring and evaluation of soil and water conservation programmes/B.K. Mukherjee and K.G. Tejwani. 32. Watershed management programmes: an evaluation of alternative institutional and technology options/Kanchan Chopra. 33. Natural resource management: lessons from Indian experiments/R.K. Mukherji. 34. Participatory watershed management for sustainable development : a case study of U.P. Hills/B.L. Dhyani, J.S. Samra and Ram Babu. 35. A successful case of participatory watershed management at Ralegan Siddhi Village in District Ahmednagar, Maharashtra/B. Mishra.
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