Adventure Travels in the Himalaya

John Angelo Jackson, Indus, 2005, 256 p, ISBN : 8173871752, $22.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Adventure Travels in the Himalaya/John Angelo Jackson

Contents: Foreword. Introduction. 1. Burmese Hills and Kashmir Himalaya. 2. Overland to India: facets of a journey. 3. The first people: Kashmir. 4. Sonamarg and the Valley of glaciers. 5. Himalayan traders and a blue Poppy. 6. Yatra: a pilgrimage. 7. Canadians in Kashmir. 8. Pass of the Goddess Zoji. 9. Little roof of the world: Ladakh. 10. Prophecy of the Head Lama of Mulbek Gompa. 11. Zanskar: a journey in time. 12. Kullu: 'Valley of the Gods'. 13. Skis in the Kullu Himalaya. 14. Lahaul: an unplanned visit. 15. Vishnu and the source of the Ganges. 16. Nanda Devi and Trisul: Trident of Shiva. 17. Everest and the elusive snowman. 18. Return to the land of Sherpas. 19. A Sherpa village and hospitality. 20. Om Mani Padme Hum and soldiers on Everest. 21. Sherpas on Ski. 22. The pass of the wolf. 23. The wolf-hunters of Pangboche. 24. Everest to Kangchenjunga: thoughts about a long walk. 25. Kangchenjunga: the five treasures of the great snow. 26. "Five treasures": to the summit or nearly. 27. Sikkim: Tenzing and a sacred valley. 28. A curious trouser button. 29. Nangpa La: a kind act and an Amber Bracelet. Index.

"The Himalayan range is one of the highest and fascinating ranges on the earth. It contain a rich diversity of people, cultures, religions and mountains. It has inspired travellers, adventures and pilgrims for centuries.

This book spans a period of sixty years of adventures in the Himalayan range. It gives an insight into the range, changes that have occurred and a history of expeditions and travels in the Himalaya. The book gives an account of changing environment, modes of travels and treks and spirit of adventure--how it has grown, changed and what it is today. It talks of ski training of paramilitary forces in India undertaken by the author, and his associations with some of the legendary mountaineers of his time.

Many of these adventures were undertaken by the author with his wife Eileen. These are some of the 'dreams they won'."

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