Herpetofauna of Nepal : A Conservation Companion

Karan Bahadur Shah and Sagendra Tiwari, IUCN Nepal, 2004, pbk, viii, 237 p, ISBN : 9993386030, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Herpetofauna of Nepal : A Conservation Companion/Karan Bahadur Shah and Sagendra Tiwari

Contents: Foreword. Preface. Protected Areas of Nepal. District code numbers of Nepal as used in the text. 1. Introduction. 2. Enthnoherpetology of Nepal. 3. Facts and misconceptions. 4. Group descriptions and family summaries. 5. Nomenclature of the body parts. 6. Species profiles. 7. Glossary. 8. List of Herpetofauna related institutions in Nepal. 9. Bibliography. 10. Species Index.

From the foreword: "The present volume on Herpetofauna will significantly add to the sparse literature on what must be seen as a highly endangered and yet a most useful and enigmatic group in nature's bountiful diversity. Reptiles have always held human imagination with some awe, almost bordering on a living fear of their cold blooded, crawling and creepy character. While much of this fear is based on ignorance, responsible for a good deal of unnecessarily cruel and reckless human behavior, some of it is on account of increasing competition between humans and other species in nature for limited habitat space. For many species that have marvelously adapted to a certain niche, the loss of even a small part of the habitat can spell disaster. Whether or nor this disaster happens today is the hands of the human society. If there is even a little bit of understanding about the value of nature's diversity, there would not be such a willful and wanton destruction of our helpless friends."

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