Agama Aura Tripitaka : A Comparative Study of Lord Mahavira and Lord Buddha, Vol. I : History and Tradition

Rashtrasant Muni Shri Nagrajji, Concept, 2005, xxxii, 640 p, ISBN : 8180691403, $60.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Agama Aura Tripitaka : A Comparative Study of Lord Mahavira and Lord Buddha, Vol. I : History and Tradition/Rashtrasant Muni Shri Nagrajji

Contents: Preface. I. Mahavira and Buddha. II. Contemporary religious teachers: 1. In the tripitakas. 2. In the agamas. 3. Introduction to life-history. III. Gosalaka: 1. In the Agamas (scriptures). 2. In the tripitakas. 3. Review. IV. Chronology: 1. Introduction. 2. Views of foreign scholars. 3. Dr. K.P. Jayaswal. 4. Muni Kalyana Vijayaji. 5. Historians' view. 6. Research and conclusion. 7. Corroboration of the conclusion. V. Previous births: 1. Tapasa marici. 2. Tapasa Sumedha. VI. Birth and initiation: 1. Bhagavan Mahavira. 2. Bhagavan Buddha. VII. Spiritual exertions. VIII. Hardship and forbearance. IX. Omniscience and enlightenment. X. The monastic order and its expansion: 1. Initiation in the nirgrantha order. 2. The upasampadas of the Buddha. XI. Monks and nuns. XII. Leading  followers (upasakas). XIII. Defiant disciples. XIV. Follower kings: 1. Srenika Bimbisara. 2. In the tripitakas. 3. In the agamas. 4. A Jaina or a Buddhist. 5. Mahasilakantaka war and the conquest of the Vajjis. 6. Abhayakumara. 7. Prasenajit. 8. Cetaka. 9. Other kings. XV. Liberation. XVI. Wanderings and monsoon camps. XVII. The niganthas and nigantha nataputta in the tripitakas: 1. Odium theologicium. 2. Totality of episodes. 3. Episodes. 4. Events. XVIII. Codes and books on conduct and discipline: 1. Vinaya Pitaka. Appendices: 1. Nigantha and nigantha nataputta in tripitakas : original Pali. 2. Glossary of Jaina technical terms. 3. Glossary of Buddhist technical terms. Bibliography. Index.

"This English version of Acharya Nagrajji's book 'Agama aur Tripitaka: Ek Anusilana' presents an exhaustive study of the Agama, also known as Ganipitaka of the Jains and the Tripitaka of the Buddhists, putting together some common topics. The author has tried his best to safeguard the diction of this work from the niceties of a pure literary work on the one hand and of dull philosophy on the other.

Studying the history of traditions of both the Jains and Buddhists, Volume One surveys all the accessible materials and provides authentic information about the life and times of Mahavir and Buddha, with special reference to their Nirvana." (jacket)

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