A Grammar of Paite

Naorem Saratchandra Singh, Mittal, 2006, xxi, 205 p, ISBN : 8183240682, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Grammar of Paite/Naorem Saratchandra Singh

Contents: Preface. Introduction. I: 1. Outline of phonology. II: 2. Morphology: introduction. 3. Morpheme. 4. Noun. 5. Numeral. 6. Verb. 7. Adverb. 8. Some important contractions. Bibliography. Index.

"A Grammar of Paite provides insightful grammatical descriptions of Paite with admirable clarity and directness. It will be of help to readers starting out on the study of Paite language. The book is marked by its inventory of only two core lexical categories-nouns and verbs and further by the preponderance of pronominal concord prefixes and particles which can otherwise be used alternately for expressing two distinct discourse styles - formal and intimate. The rich agreement system of the language is further made explicit by an overt manifestation of another prefix for denoting object concord. It may also be noticeable that as is found in Manipuri and other Tibeto-Burman languages, absence of adjectival category is palpable in this book as well. A Grammar of Paite is presumed to be welcomed by readers especially students and teachers of language and literature." (jacket)

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