Historical Developments in Physical Education

N. Govindarajulu, Friends, 2006, viii, 164 p, ISBN : 8172161638, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Historical Developments in Physical Education/N. Govindarajulu

Contents: Preface. 1. Physical education in primitive society. 2. Physical education in the ancient oriental nations. 3. Physical education in Greece. 4. Physical education among the Romans. 5. Physical education in the Dark Ages. 6. Physical training in the age of Chivalry. 7. Physical education during the renaissance. 8. Opinions of realist educators on physical education. 9. The opinions of prominent men of the eighteenth century in regard to physical education. 10. Physical education in Germany since 1800. 11. Physical education in Scandinavia since 1800. 12. Physical education in Great Britain since 1800. 13. Physical education in other European Countries since 1800. 14. The colonial period to 1790. 15. The turnvereine since the civil war. 16. Trends in physical education. Bibliography.

From the preface: "Efforts have been made to provide a key to unlock the facts about the historical developments of physical education. The book, "Historical Developments in Physical Education" is accurate, understandable, comprehensive and it provides knowledge related to this subject.

This book will not only be useful for the students, researchers and teachers but also for those who are really interested to know about it.

There are sixteen chapters pertaining to different ages/times - the Dark Ages, Age of Chivalry, during renaissance, during colonial period, since Civil War, societies, ancient oriental nations, countries - Greece, Rome, Germany, Scandinavia, Great Britain and other European countries. There are chapters containing opinions of realist educators and of prominent men of the eighteenth century. The last chapter pertains to the trends in physical education."

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