A Practice-Handbook of Classified Catalogue

C.K. Sharma, Atlantic, 2005, vi, 369 p, ISBN : 8126904828, $40.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Practice-Handbook of Classified Catalogue/C.K. Sharma

Contents: Preface. I. Introductory Part: 1. Classified catalogue. 2. Typography. 3. Document. 4. Pagination. II. Entry Part: 5. Entry. 6. Single author. 7. Two authors. 8. Three or more authors. 9. Pseudonym author. 10. Anonymous work. 11. Title. 12. Edition. 13. Collaborators. 14. Note section. 15. Series note. 16. Extract note. 17. Extraction note. 18. Accession number. 19. Tracing section. 20. Corporate body. 21. Government. 22. Institution. 23. Conference. 24. Book index entry. 25. Title as heading. 26. Ordinary composite book. 27. Multi-volumed book. 28. Artificial composite book. 29. Periodical publication. 30. Union catalogue. III. Practical Examples: 31. Practical examples.

"Dr. Ranganathan's book has been the basis of the present book A Practice Handbook of Classified Catalogue. It is an exact and detailed exposition of practical cataloguing and covers books and periodicals both that are commonly purchased or subscribed in all libraries--academic, public and special. Beginning with an introduction to the concepts of classified catalogue, typography, document and arrangement, the book includes in its wide spectrum a detailed explanation of entry aspect of cataloguing -- well illustrated with practical examples that render help in having a comfortable, genuine and firm grasp of the subject. Practice exercises provided in the book further facilitate the students of the subject in self-assessment.

It is hoped that the book would be an asset for those interested in library science. It will be highly useful to the teachers and students and practising librarians who are engaged in learning and working in cataloguing field." (jacket)

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