Another Cinema for Another Society

Gaston Roberge, Seagull, 2005, pbk, Reprint, viii, 158 p, ISBN : 8170460565, $11.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Another Cinema for Another Society/Gaston Roberge

Contents: I. Cinema: 1. Introduction: a militant programme. 2. What is it in cinema that makes it cinema? 3. Montage: the formative principle. 4. An anthropology of the cinema. 5. An exercise in film appreciation or the magnificent Andre Bazin. 6. Author-tiy, text-uality and read-ing. II. Society: 1. The end of a film era. 2. Nine and one facts and not a few illusions. 3. Of many movies and some words to talk about them. 4. Films for social change. 5. Politics in films. 6. The politics of non-political cinema. 7. The cultural and social influence of foreign films. 8. History through films and filmed history. Conclusion: Film education for a new movie-man. Index.

"Gaston Roberge, proposes a militant programme. . . for another cinema committed to the building up of another society. He offers revaluations of the established systems of film aesthetics with fresh insights into the thoughts and works of Eisenstein, Bazin, Welles and Ray; before analysing the Indian social scene in depth and detail, to suggest a comprehensive model for a parallel Indian cinema, complete with a new scheme for film and media education for the new cinema."

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