Fielding Drills in Cricket

Suresh Kutty K, Sports Publication, 2006, vii, 63 p, ISBN : 8178792699, $11.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Fielding Drills in Cricket/Suresh Kutty K

Contents: 1. Preface and introduction. 2. Basic requirements. 3. Fielding techniques. 4. Fielding placing. 5. The outfield drills. 6. The infield drills. 7. The close-infield drills. 8. The wicket-keeping-drills. 9. Summary.

"Fielding Drills in Cricket is the first technical book on the different fielding aspects in the game of cricket specifically. The book deals with almost all kinds of fielding options, that can develop in a cricket field and how to develop them. Over the years a lot has been written about the coaching aspects in cricket, but each time the fielding aspect has been covered superficially. The fielding skill would be definitely mentioned in any coaching book but how to develop those skills will rarely be mentioned? In the book, drills, which can develop the fielding attributes of a player fielding at any position is elaborately mentioned with the few photographs. The drills are innovatively designed. An element of competition is added to some of the drills to make it more enjoyable. This can help in tackling the lethargy shown by the youngsters, when it comes to fielding practice." (jacket)

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