A Record of the Buddhist Religion : As Practised in India and the Malay Archipelago (A.D. 671-695)

I-Tsing, Cosmo, 2006, lxiv, 240 p, ISBN : 8130702932, $45.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Record of the Buddhist Religion : As Practised in India and the Malay Archipelago (A.D. 671-695)/I-Tsing

Contents: Letter from the right honourable Professor F. Max Muller to Mr. J. Takakusu. General Introduction: 1. Preliminary remarks. 2. The life and travels of I-tsing. 3. Notes on some geographical names. 4. The date of I-tsing's work. 5. Tables of several literary men and Buddhist teachers of India, with their dates and successions, made from the record of Buddhist practices of I-tsing. 6. The text. 7. Additional notes to the map. 8. A record of Buddhist practices sent home from the Southern sea/I-Tsing: Introduction. i. Regarding the non-observance of the Varsha (or Vassa, summer-retreat). ii. Behaviour towards the honoured. iii. On sitting on a small chair at dinner. iv. Distinction between pure and impure food. v. Cleansing after meals. vi. Two jugs for keeping water. vii. The morning inspection of water as to insects. viii. Use of tooth-woods. ix. Rules about the reception at the Upavasatha-day. x. Necessary food and clothing. xi. The mode of wearing garments. xii. Rules concerning the nun's dress and funeral. xiii. Consecrated grounds. xiv. The summer-retreat of the five parishads. xv. Concerning the pravarana-day. xvi. About spoons and chop-sticks. xvii. Proper occasion for salutation. xviii. Concerning evacuation. xix. Rules of ordination. xx. Bathing of proper times. xxi. Concerning the mat to sit on. xxii. Rules of sleeping and resting. xxiii. On the advantage of proper exercise to health. xxiv. Worship not mutually dependent. xxv. Behaviour between teacher and pupil. xxvi. Conduct towards strangers or friends. xxvii. On symptoms of bodily illness. xxviii. Rules on giving medicine. xxix. Hurtful medical treatment must not be practised. xxx. On turning to the right in worship. xxxi. Rules of decorum in cleansing the sacred object of worship. xxxii. The ceremony of chanting. xxxiii. An unlawful salutation. xxxiv. The method of learning in the west. xxxv. The rule as to hair. xxxvi. The arrangement of affairs after death. xxxvii. The use of the common property of the sangha. xxxviii. The burning of the body is unlawful. xxxix. The bystanders become guilty. xl. Such actions were not practised by the virtuous of old. Names of the books which are referred to in I-tsing's works, but not found in the India office collection. Additional notes. Corrigenda. Index.

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