Administration of Justice in Mizoram

R N Prasad and P Chakraborty, Mittal, 2006, x, 145 p, ISBN : 8183240593, $20.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Administration of Justice in Mizoram/R.N. Prasad and P. Chakraborty

Contents: Preface. 1. Administration of justice and the judicial administration in Mizoram/H. Thansanga. 2. The legal system in Mizoram -- before and after the advent of the British/Michael Lalrinsanga Sailo. 3. Administration of justice in Mizoram -- past and present/P. Lalnithanga. 4. Evolution of the justice-system in Mizoram -- need for further research/P. Chakraborty. 5. Analytical study of the judicial powers of the Deputy Commissioner in Mizoram/R.N. Prasad and Lalneihzovi. 6. Relevance of customary law and justice in the changing socio-economic context of Mizoram/Khuanga. 7. Administration of justice in Mizoram -- a constitutional mess/P. Chakraborty. 8. Separation of judiciary in Mizoram -- problems and prospects/C. Lalramzauva. 9. Consumer Justice in Mizoram -- a critical study/P. Chakraborty. 10. Various aspects of security of the state, overdoses of laws, out-dated justice and Mizoram/P. Chakraborty. 11. Court Fees Act and Indian Stamp Act (Mizoram Amendment)--advantages and disadvantages for the people of Mizoram/Michael Zothankhuma. 12. In search of a common tongue for the courts and the common man/P. Chakraborty. 13. Administration of justice in Mizoram--an analysis/R.N. Prasad. 14. Indian Constitution and Social Justice in Mizoram - a study/P. Chakraborty. Index.

"Justice is dynamic/changing. It requires a just state of affairs. In aligns with morality and proper distribution of favours and losses. This is possible by a democratic social order. This book deals with two systems of justice viz., custom based justice and modern legal justice based on the rule of law, operating side by side, which create mess/hutch-putch. The custom based justice is uncodified. The modern legal justice is carried out by the state court as per the justice rules of 1937 framed by the colonial rulers. Crime had previously been almost absent in the Mizo Society. Presently, crimes of different nature, (criminal and civil) are increasing owing to the enlarging money economy, the loosening of social bonds, the emergence of classes of the neo-middle rich and the poor and the concentration of wealth at the top and poverty at the bottom of the social hierarchy. The book emphasises more thrust on legislation and trail of cases by the State Courts rather than the District Councils' Courts, trying cases by uncodified, customary laws and also suggests to streamline the existing judicial administration in order to have an uniform and impartial justice. The complete separation of executive and judiciary to achieve the objective of justice is suggested.

The book, which includes fourteen articles/research papers, deals objectively with a theoretical concept of judicial administration, various issues challenges/problems and constraints pertaining to judicial administration and also provides policy insights for the future and will be highly useful and valuable. The study briefly is an invaluable guide/help to the further research on the subject." (jacket)

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