Different Aspects of Jainism

Rajjan Kumar, Sunrise, 2006, xvi, 230 p, ISBN : 8187365331, $0.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Different Aspects of Jainism/Rajjan Kumar

Contents: Foreword. Preface. Introduction. 1. Antiquity of Jainism. 2. Textual treatise and Jainism. 3. Metaphysics and Jainism. 4. Epistemology and Jainism. 5. Ethics and Jainism. 6. Prayer, worship and Jainism. Bibliography. Index.

"The central premise of this book is to clarify all those misunderstandings, which are prevailed for Jainism regarding its antiquity, culture, literature, philosophy, ethics and ceremonies. The concepts presented in the book conform to Jain scriptures, which are works of great thinkers and philosophers of the past. Every effort has been made to present the principles of Jainism from a rational viewpoint. The lessons include the concept of reality in Jainism and a presentation of rational perception, rational knowledge and rational conduct. These are based on scriptures, opinions, ideals, thoughts, and practices of authentic masters." (jacket)

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