A Handbook for Teachers : An Integrated Course for Classroom Teachers in Secondary Schools

Joseph S. Butterweck and George A. Muzzey, Cosmo, 2006, xx, 218 p, ISBN : 813070207X, $33.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Handbook for Teachers : An Integrated Course for Classroom Teachers in Secondary Schools/Joseph S. Butterweck and George A. Muzzey

Contents: To the supervisor. To the student teacher. Introduction--what is education? 1. What kind of pupil have I? 2. What do I expect to do with my pupil? 3. How can I plan my work effectively? 4. Conducting the recitation. 6. Evaluating the pupil's success. 7. Adjustment to professional life. Appendices: 1. Helpful periodical references. 2. Suggested professional library.

"This treatise is designed to condense into these pages the highlights of modern classroom procedure, organized in such a way that it will serve as the student teacher's text and guide during his period of apprenticeship, and also serve him as a manual during the first few years of teaching, while his practice is being crystallized and he is still largely on his own.

The six units deal with six fundamental adjustments which every teacher must make if he is to be regarded as successful.

The "integrated course for classroom teachers" together with its "directed activities" are suggestions of the way in which the theory may be synthesized into practice, and will be a distinct aid to supervisors and budding teachers in bringing essentials to the "threshold of consciousness".

Finally! Here is a book that will allow new teachers to remain in the field without constantly asking, "Why don't they teach the realities of teaching in school or college?" or "Why didn't my college coursework and training include real life and not one in a perfect world?" After completing the four years of college in order to take that first step into one's own classroom, it is so frustrating and defeating to realize that the picture painted in the job preparation is actually one of an idealistic and fictional world full of sunshine and rainbows of satisfaction. This book should be a required text for all student teachers beginning their experience in the classroom." (jacket)

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