An Introduction to Earth Science : Heritage Sites

K.N. Prasad, APH, 2006, xiv, 202 p, tables, figs, ISBN : 8131300242, $28.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

An Introduction to Earth Science : Heritage Sites/K.N. Prasad

Contents: Preface. Acknowledgements. 1. Introduction. 2. Earth heritage conservation. 3. The need for conservation of sites. 4. Conservation and community participation. 5. Heritage sites selection. 6. Need for conservation sites after selection. 7. Conservation strategy. 8. Heritage sites Cuddapah Basin in Andhra Pradesh. 9. Heritage sites in Upper Gondwanas. 10. Heritage sites in Gondwana. 11. Jurassic mammals and their importance as a heritage site. 12. Stromatolites from Kota formation (Jurrasic) Pranhita-Godavari Valley Andhra Pradesh. 13. Tertiary. 14. The significance of heritage site at Yemanapalli and community participation. 15. Pleistocene cave fauna from Andhra Pradesh. 16. Heritage sites in Tamil Nadu. 17. Heritage sites in the Cuddalore Sandstones, Tiruvakkarai, South Arcot District. 18. Heritage sites in the cretaceous formation of Trichinopoly District Tamil Nadu. 19. Heritage sites in the Ramnad, Tirunelveli-Tuticorin Area, Tamil Nadu. 20. Conservation of the mineral deposits. 21. Heritage sites in Madhya Pradesh. 22. Heritage sites in Gujarat. 23. Heritage sites in the Himalayan region. Bibliography. Index.

"Earth Science Heritage Sites and Community Development in India is being published for the first time. The book gives a description of the various heritage sites present in different geological formations embracing a period of more than 1500 m.y. when the first Precambrian microbial communities were recognised. There is no book of this nature dealing with earth science heritage sites in India. The present volume describes significant heritage sites containing extinct fauna and flora and minerals preserved in the rocks of different geological ages. Conservation of these significant heritage sites has been neglected with the result the valuable records on the biodiversity of the ancient past is gradually being lost. The author stresses the need to conserve and protect the legacy left behind by nature in the form of heritage sites by participation of not only scientists but also non-governmental agencies including various people associated with community development projects in the vicinity of heritage sites. A number of illustrations, maps and photographs of some of the significant heritage sites have been included. It is sincerely, hoped that this book will be a valuable contribution on earth science heritage sites in India." (jacket)

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