Art of Journalism

Manohar Puri, Pragun, 2006, viii, 356 p, ISBN : 8189645277, $53.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Art of Journalism/Manohar Puri

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Communication means. 3. Newspaper setup. 4. Journalistic organisation. 5. News collection. 6. News reporting. 7. News presentation. 8. Art of editing. 9. Factors at work. 10. Professional aspects. Bibliography. Index.

"Like any other art, journalism, too, is an art. An art of selecting and choosing proper words and expressing or arranging them in an beautiful order. But, this arrangement or selection should not be just for the sake of beauty and an apparent effect. Parallel to this process, what is required is the factor of honesty, unbiasedness, bravery to mirror the evil, resolution to carry on the task entrusted to him and an overall awareness of what is going on around.

Beside, all these traits, another equally or rather more equally important thing for a journalist is his ability of thinking globally, though acting locally, globalisation has changed the whole situation. Therefore, it becomes incumbent upon every media person to globalize his mental faculties.

A task of toughness, Mass media has made some big strides lately. Thanks to electronic revolution! Due to an urge for fame and fortune, people seem to be more attracted towards it than ever before. Live coverage of news and events and round the clock service are some of the plus points of electronic media.

Yet, another more gravitating feature of Mass communication is the use of micro-cameras intended to catching the accused red handed. This type of threatening and sensitive 'sting operations' have played important part in putting a semi-check on rapidly increasing practices of corruption in government, semi-government and private sectors.

Though some selfish people have tried to earn profits, misusing the most wonderful arm of this vocation. i.e., the camera. All these people should pay heed to the fact that they, themselves, may fall pray to another camera, someday, if their malpractice continues." (jacket)

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