Bovine Mastitis and Udder Affections

Satyavrat Singh, Sonu Jaiswal, Desh Deepak Singh and Harnam Singh, International Book, 2006, xii, 178 p, tables, ISBN : 818189118X, $50.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Bovine Mastitis and Udder Affections/Satyavrat Singh, Sonu Jaiswal, Desh Deepak Singh and Harnam Singh

Contents: 1. Anatomy of Bovine Udder. 2. Udder immunology. 3. Milk. 4. Bovine mastitis. 5. Surgical anomalies of the udder. 6. Bovine ulcerative mammillitis. 7. Pseudo cow pox. 8. Udder impetigo. 9. Udder Edema and congestion. 10. Off flavours in milk. 11. Blood in milk. 12. Miscellaneous infectious conditions of the external surface of Bovine Udder and teats. Index.

"The book "Bovine Mastitis and Udder Affections" covers different aspect of intramammary affections. It starts with "Anatomy of bovine udder" followed by "Udder Immunology" outlining the structure and defense mechanism empowering bovine udder. The properties of cows the buffaloes milk is discussed briefly thereby depicting the anomalies brought out by mastitis. The book describe etiology, epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestation and diagnostic techniques employed with special reference to its status in different part of India. A brief description of economic losses incurred by mastitis and zoonotic significance of mastitic milk has also been included. The emphasis is also given on conventional treatment, reasons for antibiotic failure and alternate approaches like antioxidant therapy. Phytotherapy, homeopathy cytokines therapy, acupuncture, bacteriocines, clay therapy etc. Recent strategies adopted for prevention and control of mastitis has also been discussed.

Surgical anomalies of udder forms a separate chapter. Other affections of udder edema, bovine ulceration mammilities, udder impatigo, blood in milk off flavours etc. have been briefly outlined, thus the book can be immense help for students, teaching faculty and field/practicing veterinarians."

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