A Textbook of Environmental Studies

Ahmed Khan, ABD Pub, 2006,  vii, 381 p, ISBN : 8183760538, $55.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Textbook of Environmental Studies/Ahmed Khan

Contents: Preface. 1. The problem. 2. Resource management systems. 3. Beyond negotiation. 4. Reading landscapes and environment. 5. Environment and ethics for resource management. 6. Environmental studies. 7. Recognition, respect and reconciliation. 8. Environment and techniques. 9. Management of wildlife, tourism and local communities. 10. Environment conservationists and aboriginal interests. 11. Parks, people, professional and environment. Index. Subject index.

"Resource management; preservation and conservation of biological diversity and ecology; and industrialisation are the activities that have impacted and are impacting environment resulting in its continuous degradation. Towards the objective of attaining sustainable maintenance of environment and natural resources along with balanced economic and human activities and development serious discussions are being engaged in that have given rise to a wide field of study known as "environmental studies."

Based on scientific investigations and hitherto experience of stalwarts of the field, "A Textbook of Environmental Studies (Resource Management, Conservation and Tourism Perspectives)" brings to the fore various tools, techniques, models and concepts concerning resource management, ecological conservation and wildlife conservation in the perspective of their impact on environment. In this endeavour, this book makes elaborate discussion on various connected issues taking specific economic habitats as the base. Agreements, resource management systems, environmental negotiations, landscapes, parks, sanctuaries, wildlife, tourism, and aboriginal life are the topics, inter alia, many more that are discussed in environmental perspective.

The book is of immense use to students, teachers, researchers, environmentalists and general readers." (jacket)

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