A Textbook of Algebra and Geometry

R K Jacob, ABD, 2006, vii,, 241 p, ISBN : 8183760791, $36.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

A Textbook of Algebra and Geometry/R.K. Jacob

Contents: Preface. 1. The teaching of Algebra and geometry. 2. College preparatory courses in the junior college. 3. Linear Algebra. 4. Analytic geometry. 5. Geometry in the secondary school. 6. Some special aspects of demonstrative geometry. Index.

"A systematic procedure for attacking problems is essential for effectiveness in teaching algebra and geometry so that pupils may acquaint themselves with comprehensive knowledge of subject matter and deductive reasoning and develop habits of careful thinking, observing, comparing and problem-solving to discover new ideas, statements, truths, concepts and theorems. Therefore, in order to be effective and successful, teachers have to become well aware of these techniques.

"A Textbook of Algebra and Geometry" brings to the fore each and every aspect, concept, technique, theorem and principle of algebra and geometry  to make the subject teachers successful. In this endeavour the book delves deep into basic needs and aims, course content, problem-solving, various types of equations, preparatory course, graphs, linear algebra, analytic geometry, and techniques of induction, deduction, synthesis, analysis, locus and dependence. Written in easy to understand manner, the book encompasses numerous problem-solving illustrations.

Fulfilling to the needs of students and teachers of mathematics and statistics, the book is equally useful to general readers." (jacket)

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