Economic Aspects of Jainism

A C Mittal, Vista International Pub, 2006, viii, 170 p, tables, ISBN : 8189652265, $25.00 (Includes free airmail shipping)

Economic Aspects of Jainism/A.C. Mittal

Contents: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Economic ideas and institutions. 3. Historical perspective. 4. Conspicuous features of Jainism. 5. Economic ideas in Jainism. 6. The growth perspective. 7. Economic implications of new changes. Appendix. The anthology.

"The Upanishad phase ended 600 B.C. and a new phase of Hinduism come into the lime-light which can be said to have associated with great personages; Mahavira and Buddha. Jainism rejected all orthodox philosophies, not only the Vedantic but also the Samkhya doctrine. As a result, here is a system viz., Jainism, quite original and indigenous to the soil, which has a rich, vast and multifarious literature. Attempts have been made to study Jainism from philosophical point of view but this book is an effort to evaluate Jainism from economic point of view. The study of Jain community is also a part of this attempt." (jacket)

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